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The Knock Out (15-17 May) Start List

Friday 15 May 2020 - Sunday 17 May 2020

Competitor Statistics (Total=51, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
Open (51)
43Ben BethellM40NORGBR
42Matthew BethellM14NORGBR
34Harry Bratcher - HowardM14WIMGBR
33Monty Bratcher-HowardM12WIMGBR
49Freddie CarcasM21INTGBR
50Mykyta ChubynskyM40ODGBR
35Jon CrossM50FVOGBR
3Rune De ClercqM16TROLBEL
15Stanimira DimitrovaW14SKO Blue StonesBUL
24Alastair DunlopM45CLYDESCO
9River Edis-SmithM21MDOCGBR
44Pierre ErblandM21KLSFRA
20Franz GlanerM21OJE WapplerAUT
45Joseph GoodwinM20SHUOCGBR
8Emil GranqvistM21OK RavinenSWE
26David GrayM40MDOCGBR
25Thierry GueorgiouM40Kalevan RastiFIN
14Elena GvozdeykovaW40SKO Blue stonesBUL
27Jamie HaywardM21BOKENG
47Will HensmanM40FVOGBR
17Roberto LarotellaM40Orienteering TriesteITA
40Luis LeiteM40GD4CPOR
29Nicholas LightfootM55SYOGBR
30Robbie LightfootM12SYOGBR
16Jonas NeweyM16MAROCSCO
2Chris O'DonnellM50DVOGBR
1Jake O'DonnellM14DVOGBR
32Andy PatersonM50CLYDESCO
46Matthieu PuechM40KLSFRA
6Alasdair RaynorM20INVOCGBR
7Finlay RaynorM16INVOCGBR
19Matija RazumM21OK JapeticCRO
39Calum RobertsonM12ESOCSCO
37Hanne RobertsonW50ESOCSCO
38Maja RobertsonW14ESOCSCO
31Sarah RollinsW40SNENG
4Elias SchaferM16Olc Omström SenseSUI
13Daniel SpencerM20EUOCGBR
51Benjamin SquireM16NOCGBR
18Andrew StempM21AIREGBR
41Barney Steventon-BarnesM16SUFFOCGBR
10Joe SunleyM18WCOCGBR
36Paul TaylorM40TVOCGBR
5Sam ToddM14SYOGBR
23Heather WaltonW55SLOWGBR
22Andrew WardM21LEIGBR
28Martin WardM50SYOGBR
11Clive WilkinsonM55SUFFOCGBR
21Tam WilsonM21EUOCGBR
12Sarah WimberleyW18RACORSA

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