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British Fell Relays 2017


  • Instant results as each runner tags the finish unit (available to you and anyone else with internet access on
  • Checkpoint marshals get a count and the names of the runners still expected at their checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint marshals, or the organiser, can retire runners from the race and the subsequent checkpoint marshals then receive an updated count of the runners expected.
  • Split time results at each checkpoint are available on
  • The safety page shows the current status of each runner with an ETA at their next checkpoint, based on their previous race speed. If the runner is overdue the status turns red displaying the number of minutes overdue, which provides a good early warning of a runner in difficulty.
  • The prize page displays all category winners at the touch of a button.
  • The leader board page shows the race leaders – great for spectators during a race with checkpoints.
  • Fast finish mode (using 2 units) allows for high capacity finishes where the runner runs over the finish line and tags in slow time later down the finish funnel (keeping in order).

Learn more about the tracking and timing system from our partner company RaceTek.

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