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(B) Ace of Herts - Burnham & Egypt Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=39, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Black (2)
108400168Scott CollierM21KERNOGBRtba
118333330Anne EdwardsW21TVOCGBRtba

Brown (3)
98639640Chris HookerM55SOGBRtba(m)
128069601Jamie RennieM50WCOCGBRtba(ve)
25HireJohn MethvenM50BKOGBRtba(m)

Short Brown (8)
138221253Mike BennettM65HHGBRtba(h)
1437298Vanessa McMillanW35HHGBRtba(e)(h)
198800000Ian MarsdenM40HHENGtba(l)
348145416Charlotte ColesW35TVOCGBRtba(h)
357202909Laurence TownleyM45SNGBRtba(m)
368170103Frank TownleyM18SNGBRtba(m)
378140758Kevin ParkesM60HHGBRtba(h)
398220792Laura ParkesW21HHGBRtba(h)

Blue (6)
18101059David SaundersM60HHGBRtba(h)
840506Roger MouldingM70HHGBRtba(h)
178630912Edward CoxM60SOGBRtba(e)
26HireLisa MethvenW50BKOGBRtba(m)
288280828Alan RosenM65HHGBRtba(h)
308080749Nick CampbellM60DEEGBRtba(l)

Short Blue (4)
238101112Mick SmithM70HHGBRtba
248657428Paul LangstonM65HHGBRtba(h)
328190505Tegan FramptonW16HHGBRtba(e)
338033062Sara CampbellW55DEEGBR31 Jane Campbelltba(l)

Green (9)
28061059Alison SaundersW60HHGBRtba(h)
49066719Ellie Mills-HicksW16GOENGtba(e)
59064010Tina Mills-HicksW16GOENGtba(e)
78630958Christine KiddierW65BLGBRtba(e)
1832520Andrew CummingsM65HHGBRtba(h)
21202211Barry BreedM70HHGBRtba(e)(h)
278200028Janet RosenW65HHGBRtba(h)
291230866Nicola TrotmanW50HHGBRtba(ve)(h)
318080750Jane CampbellW60DEEGBRtba(l)

Short Green (4)
159101775Bridget HooperW75SOGBRtba(e)
168108220Leslie HooperM75SOGBRtba(e)
22347687Jane BreedW65HHGBRtba(e)(h)
388180957Penny ParkesW60HHGBRtba(l)(h)

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (1)
39134500Luke Mills-HicksM14GOENGtba(e)

Orange (0)

Yellow (1)
6TF HireJacob Mills-HicksM10GOGBRtba(e)

White (1)
2039939Theodore MarsdenM10HHENGtba(l)

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