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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Brown (6)
38459081Stephen BorrillM45WAOCGBRtba(e)
137090296Aymeric CombelongeM21INDFRAtba
141404088David DixonM45HHGBRtba(e)
20HireMaciej JablonskiM40WAOCENGtba(e)
308020391Fiona Llewellyn-BeardW21WAOCGBRtba
338657550Daniel HodsonM21HHGBRtba(m)

Blue (8)
437472Charles Taylor-KeaneM60SMOCGBRtba(m)
78667381Chris RamptonM50WAOCGBRtba
119200763Ian ByfordM60HHGBRtba(m)
16HireNick HodsonM40INDUSA6 Yvonne Hodsontba(l)
268657681Roger CliffeM45TVOCGBRtba(e)
29HireRichard InghamM21WAOCGBRtba
311401815David HodsonM55HHENGtba(m)
368270978Dai WilsonM40RAFOCYMtba(ve)

Green (14)
17204681Gillian HansonW50HHGBRtba(e)
28645290Sandra MatherW50SMOCGBRtba(ve)
5411009Eliza HermannW55HHGBRtba(l)
8221371Robert BaldingM70BOFGBRtba(m)
10430423Peter LundM60WAOCGBRtba
22HireEmma JarrettW40WAOCGBRtba(ve)
248641532Janet CronkW60WAOCGBRtba
251416402Ros JamesW55SMOCGBRtba(m)
278004574Peter CheethamM60RAFOGBRtba(e)
288414123Charlotte CheethamW55RAFOGBRtba(e)
321401816Viv HodsonW55HHENGtba(m)
34211431Mark SalmonM50SMOCGBRtba(ve)
35220218Matthew GoodeM21WAOCENGtba
3737535Paul LangstonM65HHGBRtba(m)

Short Green (4)
6401230Yvonne HodsonW70TVOCGBRtba(l)
9400780Debbie CharltonW55SMOCGBRtba
1239980Donald MoirM85LEIGBRtba(m)
211191934Ursula OxburghW85WAOCGBRtba(m)

Light Green (2)
152096641Charlie DixonM14HHGBRtba
17HireNicole ThomasW21INDUSA6 Yvonne Hodsontba(l)

Orange (1)
18HireHanna BiernackaW40WAOCENGtba(ve)

Yellow (1)
23HireKate JarrettW10WAOCGBRtba(ve)

White (1)
19HireErik Biernacki-JablonskiM10WAOCENGtba(e)

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