Cattle Country 10K / 5K / Family Fun Runs Start List

Sunday 06 September 2020 Competitor Statistics (Total=191, Online=88%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 17 March 2020 Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
10K (83)
62Peter Allen M40 Dursley Running ClubGBR
90David Ashby M45 GBR
117Charli Bate WSEN GBR
204*Jorge Berzosa MSEN GBR
206Joanne Bird WSEN GBR
237Sarah Cairney WSEN GBR
174Jon Candy MSEN GBR
232Megan Choudhary WSEN GBR
153Charlie Cottrell MSEN GBR
200*Claire Cox WSEN Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
54Daniel Crick M40 GBR
162Jill Daley W60 Emerson green running club GBR
248Natasha Du Rose W45 Stroud mums on the runGBR
110Benjamin Earnshaw MSEN GBR
188*Pat French W60 Bitton Road RunnersGBR
189*Rob French M60 GBR
164Clarissa Gunning WSEN GBR
211John Hargreaves M65 Great Western RunnersGBR
106Emily Harrison WSEN GBR
32Rachel Hayes WSEN GBR
224David Hayward M60 GBR
44Sandra Hopes W55 GBR
131Claire Jackson W50 GBR
40Chris Jarvis M40 GBR
163Chris Jarvis M40 GBR
53Jo Johnson-taylor W40 Southville RCGBR
56Simon Johnson-taylor M40 GBR
134Jodie Jones W40 GBR
175Isabel Kearney WSEN GBR
207*Adam Kelly M45 GBR
208*Sarah Kelly WSEN GBR
14Molly Kilbey WSEN GBR
112Caroline King W40 GBR
11Judith King W60 TearawaysGBR
109Tony Knock MSEN GBR
43Steve Large M45 GBR
198*Wendy Lawrence W65 Forest of Dean ACGBR
67Meg Lucas W40 GBR
13Pam Lucas W65 Tewkesbury TearAwaysGBR
243Kirsty Mapstone WSEN GBR
78Anna Marfell W40 GBR
125Christopher May MSEN GBR
242Lisa McCrea-Steele WSEN Hogweed TrottersGBR
143Lauren Morgan WSEN GBR
196*Eloise Morton WSEN GBR
135Laura Mustoe WSEN GBR
184Caroline Nicholas WSEN Hogweed TrottersGBR
111Kim Nisbett WSEN GBR
68Izzy Pain WSEN GBR
123Dawn Phipps WSEN GBR
193*Matthew Picking MSEN GBR
113Geoffrey Rayner MSEN GBR
41*Gemma Read W45 GBR
190Robert Reece MSEN Dursley Running ClubGBR
115Mick Rees M50 GBR
72*Madeleine Ridge W40 GBR
55Lucy Roberts WSEN GBR
205Alexa Rothwell WSEN GBR
212*Charlie Scharneck M40 GBR
213*Benjamin Smith MSEN GBR
8Liam Smith MSEN Slinn allstarsGBR
145Marcus Smith MSEN GBR
144Shelley Smith WSEN GBR
5Adam Stafford MSEN GBR
4Rebecca Stafford W40 GBR
28Hayley Starling WSEN GBR
247Laura Stevens W40 GBR
9Steve Strellet M45 GBR
241Adam Sydney M40 GBR
48Andrew Talboys M50 GBR
77Rebecca Thomas WSEN GBR
75Clare Troy W45 Dursley & District ACGBR
33Alex Turley MSEN GBR
51Rob Umphray M45 Bristol & West AC (est. 1882)GBR
221Stuart Wakefield M40 GBR
89Stephanie Ward W40 GBR
97Aimee Watkins WSEN WarriorFITGBR
99Melissa Watkins WSEN GBR
136Martyn Wood M45 GBR
66Natalie Wood WSEN GBR
34*David Wright M55 GBR
146Hyeji Yang WSEN GBR
59Chris Young MSEN GBR

5K (31)
96Victoria Bodey W40 GBR
245Natalie Bury WSEN GBR
256Deb Campbell W55 GBR
199*Karen Chandler WSEN Sole Sisters (North Bristol)GBR
65Kim Chapman WSEN GBR
52Deborah Cooper-White WSEN GBR
3Amy Croxon WSEN GBR
64Sam Dainty W45 GBR
244Debbie Downes W40 GBR
2Kim Ferris W40 GBR
1Ruth Greenwood W40 Frampton Running GroupGBR
185Martin Gribble M65 GBR
140Sarah Hadfield WSEN GBR
255Melissa Hall W45 GBR
81Holly Hewitt WSEN GBR
80Paul Hewitt MSEN GBR
209Oakley James MU15 Cotswold AllrunnersGBR
12Neville King M60 TearawaysGBR
158Emma May WSEN GBR
98Lynda Merrett W45 GBR
91Natalie Moss WSEN GBR
92Stephen Moss M40 GBR
183Emily Poskett W40 GBR
95Angharad Roberts WSEN GBR
217Patrícia Rodrigues WSEN GBR
214Silvia Rodrigues WSEN GBR
173*Simon Shellard MSEN Lonely Goat Running ClubGBR
31Kevin Starling MSEN GBR
49Carol Talboys W60 GBR
74Sharon Vaughan W45 GBR
69Graham Wilkes M40 Dursley & District ACGBR

1 mile (49)
169Eden Baggaley-Cesek WU4 GBR
257Evie Bailey WU7 GBR
258Mia Bailey WU9 GBR
15Henry Ball MU10 Quedgeley wanderers fcGBR
118Emilia Bate WU8 GBR
176Emma Beach W40 GBR
148Charlie Bell MU8 GBR
149Jack Bell MU6 GBR
16Harley Cawdron MU11 Quedgeley wanderers fcGBR
17Sonny Cawdron MU8 Quedgeley wanderers fcGBR
186Sylvie Coburn WU7 GBR
235Ben Cooper M40 GBR
236Jack Cooper MU4 GBR
234Pippa Cooper WSEN GBR
154Liam Cottrell MU12 GBR
155Millie Cottrell WU9 GBR
229Felix Dicken MU5 GBR
228Florrie Dicken WU9 GBR
201Liz Fishpool WSEN GBR
202Skye Fishpool WU9 GBR
18Rylan Gooch MU10 Quedgeley wanderers fcGBR
141Elizabeth Hadfield WU9 GBR
107Oliver Harrison MU10 GBR
238Kim Masters W60 GBR
127Cameron May MU9 GBR
126Oliver May MU10 GBR
166Ffion Mcduff WU10 GBR
165Jonathan Mcduff MSEN GBR
177George Pitts MU11 GBR
178Maisie Pitts WU9 GBR
181Freddie Poskett MU11 GBR
182Ivy Poskett WU7 GBR
150George Ratcliffe MU9 GBR
132Freya Rayner WU10 GBR
152Tyler Ridler MU9 GBR
216Rafael Rodrigues-Sancaster MU8 GBR
215Sergio Rodrigues-Sancaster MU11 GBR
252Hope Smart WU10 GBR
251Seth Smart MU8 GBR
6Stanley Stafford MU8 GBR
29Ava Starling WU9 GBR
10Eloisa Strellet WU5 GBR
240Leon Summerfield MU8 GBR
239Ruby Summerfield WU8 GBR
218Jodie Wakefield WSEN GBR
220Taylor Wakefield MU8 GBR
70Cerys Wilkes WU9 GBR
60Marcie Young WU10 GBR
61Tess Young WU7 GBR

1K (0)

50m (28)
119Freya Bate WU6 GBR
19Willow Cawdron WU4 GBR
233Dylan Choudhary MU3 GBR
187Poppy Coburn WU4 GBR
133*Rooney Colsey WU3 GBR
157Charlie Cottrell MU6 GBR
156Jack Cottrell MU6 GBR
57Jessica Crick WU6 GBR
58Matthew Crick MU4 GBR
203Jake Fishpool MU4 GBR
142Zachary Hadfield MU6 GBR
108Evie Harrison WU6 GBR
128Joel May MU4 GBR
222Layla Moore WU3 GBR
94Arlen Moss MU3 GBR
93Evelyn Moss WU4 GBR
151Jamie Ratcliffe MU6 GBR
42*Lola Read WU5 GBR
253Hattie Smart WU4 GBR
47*Archie Spencer MU4 GBR
46*Mia Spencer WU6 GBR
7Holly Stafford WU4 GBR
30Poppy Starling WU5 GBR
249*Byron Tan MU7 GBR
230*Alexa Varney-Wiseman WU5 GBR
231*Clara Varney-Wiseman WU3 GBR
219Hugo Wakefield MU4 GBR
71Florence Wilkes WU4 GBR

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