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Newborough 5K / 2K 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=39, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
5K Female 15-39 (8)
5Laura RobinsonPennine CanicrossGBRtba
7Melissa LambPeterborough Paws CanicrossGBRtba
16Hannah CasbonEye Community RunnersGBRtba
24Ceri StewartCanicross Anglesey GBRtba
26Kate NicholasGBRtba
27Cathrine SvendsenCanicross SomersetGBRtba
35Justine NazGBRtba
36Saika NazGBRtba

5K Female 40-49 (3)
6Claire RankBrighton & Hove ACGBRtba
11Irma MacLachlanGBRtba
21Helen BisdeeCanicross TrailrunnersGBRtba

5K Female 50+ (9)
1Christine YearsleyAnglesey Canicross GBRtba(h)
8Kim GilbertFalkland Trail RunnersGBRtba
14Becky JefferyGBRtba
15Helen CasbonEye Community RunnersGBRtba
17Jacky RobertsCanicross AngleseyGBRtba(h)
18Rachel StoreyNewport & District RCGBRtba
20Fiona VaughanCobra Running & Triathlon ClubGBRtba
30Susan RoundStaffordshire Canicross GBRtba
39Tina SmithForest MonstersGBRtba

5K Female 2 Dog (4)
2Michelle RigbyGBRtba(h)
3Sharon EdwardsGBRtba
9Kirsty TaggartCanicross ClwydGBRtba
29Katie HaywardStaffordshire CanicrossGBRtba

5K Male 15-39 (2)
4Mike SowerbuttsPennine CanicrossGBRtba
19Ben MarstonStaffordshire CanicrossGBRtba

5K Male 40-49 (3)
10Dougie MacLachlanGBRtba
28Alun OldfieldLonely GoatGBRtba
32Vince HayStaffordshire Canicross GBRtba

5K Male 50+ (5)
22Trevor BisdeeCanicross TrailrunnersGBRtba
25Steve BarnettNorth of Tyne Canicross GBRtba
31Paul WalkerCanicross ClwyddGBRtba
37Steve LewisCanicross SomersetGBRtba
38Pete SmithForest MonstersGBRtba

5K Male 2 Dog (2)
12Paul KalinauckasShropshire CanicrossGBRtba
13Maurice ReidNewport and District RCGBRtba

2K Junior 10-14 (0)

2K Cubs 6 to 10 yrs (0)

2K Mini Cubs under 6 yrs (3)
23Henry BisdeeCanicross TrailrunnersGBRtba
33Amber HayStaffordshire Canicross GBRtba
34Joshua MarstonStaffordshire CanicrossGBRtba

2K Have a Go (0)

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