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(C/C/B) Sunny Sussex Weekend 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=45, Online=100%, Event1=19, Event2=12, Event3=24)

Event 118/05/19 Saturday MorningRegional (Level C) Middle Distance - Rewell Quarry
Event 218/05/19 Saturday EveningRegional (Level C) Urban Event - Arundel
Event 319/05/19 SundayNational (Level B) Long Distance Event - West Angmering

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3
Black (2)
11953309Neville BakerM65TVOCGBRtba
318643397Alan VeleckyM50SOGBRtba(l)

Brown (8)
31953309Neville BakerM65TVOCGBRtba
61961402Marie-Anne FischerW55TVOCGBRtba
98456789Jon ChandlerM50LOKGBRtba
14TF HireRob TaylorM50NGOCENGtba
178639640Chris HookerM55SOGBRtba(m)
298143749Sue CarterW50SLOWGBRtba
328643397Alan VeleckyM50SOGBRtba
3932527Mark AdamsM55HHGBRtba(l)

Short Brown (4)
41961402Marie-Anne FischerW55TVOCGBRtba
78456789Jon ChandlerM50LOKGBRtba(ve)
13TF HireRob TaylorM50NGOCENGtba(e)
278143749Sue CarterW50SLOWGBRtba(ve)

Blue (6)
128630912Edward CoxM60SOGBRtba(e)
16TF HireJudith TaylorW50NGOCENGtba
18TF HireRoger WilsonM55SLOWGBRtba(ve)
33771273Julian HartwellM60SOCGBRtba(m)
388151150Mike TurnerM65SOGBRtbatba(m)
418140664Peter ChapmanM55SOGBRtbatba(e)

Short Blue (1)
15TF HireJudith TaylorW50NGOCENGtba(e)

Green (6)
11504555Julie AstinW65WSXENGtbatba
22203102Peter CheethamM60RAFOGBRtba
24331959Charlotte CheethamW55RAFOGBRtba
268634077John BroadheadM60WREGBRtbatba(m)
358108220Leslie HooperM75SOGBRtbatba(m)
458170756Steve EwensM60SOGBRtbatba(m)

Short Green (4)
208050291Ian WilsonM65SAXGBRtbatba(m)
21203102Peter CheethamM60RAFOGBRtba(e)
23331959Charlotte CheethamW55RAFOGBRtba(e)
369101775Bridget HooperW75SOGBRtbatba(m)

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (0)

Long Orange (0)

Orange (0)

Yellow (1)
42221115Ben ChapmanM10SOGBRtba(h)tba(e)(h)

White (1)
43221105Emma ChapmanW10SOGBRtba(h)tba(l)(h)

60 min score (0)

Course 1 (M/W16-50) (5)
21953309Neville BakerM65TVOCGBRtba
51961402Marie-Anne FischerW55TVOCGBRtba
88456789Jon ChandlerM50LOKGBRtba
288143749Sue CarterW50SLOWGBRtba
308223324Becky BarnardW21SOGBRtba

Course 2 (M/W55+) (7)
10504555Julie AstinW65WSXENGtba
19TF HireRoger WilsonM55SLOWGBRtba
258634077John BroadheadM60WREGBRtba
348108220Leslie HooperM75SOGBRtba
378151150Mike TurnerM65SOGBRtba
408140664Peter ChapmanM55SOGBRtba
448170756Steve EwensM60SOGBRtba

Course 3 (M/W 12-14) (0)

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