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Snowdonia Seven 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=44, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Open (28)
3Adrian MoranMetropolitan Police GBRI hate the other threetba
Graham DowdenMetropolitan Police GBRtba
Ryan CowleyMetropolitan Police GBRtba
Sam Hudson-GoolMetropolitan Police GBRtba
4Dominic BuckCHAOSGBRHerts A Teamtba
Neville HanksCHAOSGBRtba
Speakman ChristianCHAOSGBRtba
Hague StephenCHAOSGBRtba
6Jay PuttockNorfolk ConstabularyGBRChafing the dreamtba
Callum WatsonNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Mike LefevreNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
James BaileyNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
7Stu BarnardNorfolk ConstabularyGBRThe Beasts From the Easttba
Kev SimmondsNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Matt BuckokeNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Fraser MacNabNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
8Philip BussyEssex PoliceGBRThree Men and a Little Ladytba
Russ ChamberlainEssex PoliceGBRtba
Andy SawyerEssex PoliceGBRtba
Alex WarcholEssex PoliceGBRtba
9Steven HaywoodDorset LSDRGBRDorset LSDRtba
Darren TharmeDorset LSDRGBRtba
Louise DutchDorset LSDRGBRtba
Rob ChalkleyDorset LSDRGBRtba
11Scott WoodBTPGBRNever Again... Againtba
David PurdyBTPGBRtba
Christopher LaneBTPGBRtba
Matthew BriceBTPGBRtba

Ladies (0)

Mixed (Minimum 2 ladies) (4)
5Keith HuntNorfolk ConstabularyGBRMisfitstba
Rebecca MessengerNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Rebecca Taylor-SmithNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Christopher GayNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba

Vets (All 40+ on race day) (8)
2Simon WanlessSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRStatus Zerotba
David HartleySouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
Rachel HayesSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
Ian ProffittSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
10Lucy CampbellNorfolk ConstabularyGBRNorfolk N Chancetba
Chris BrooksNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Leo BlythNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Nick PalinNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba

Supervets (All 50+ on race day) (4)
1David RhodesHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBROld Herts still beatingtba
John LuckHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba
Paul WattsHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba
Ian SmithHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba

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