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Forest 5 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=76, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country  
5.6 miles (76)
18Pat AhernM55Macclesfield Harriers GBR
50Neil BagleyM45GBR
4Matt BaileyM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
29Rob BaileyM50Macc HarriersGBR
74Tim BillingtonM55Wilmslow RCGBR
40Fiona BlaggWSENMan TriGBR
39Nathanael BookerMSENGBR
26Nicola BoothWSENBollington HarriersGBR
63Tracy BownW55Wilmslow RCGBR
49Carol BroughWSENChorlton RunnersGBR
5Richard BrownM45Macclesfield Harriers and ACGBR
54Sylvia BrownW40GBR
2Mark BurleyMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACENG
52Samantha CatarelliWSENStyal RCGBR
30Duncan ChandlerM45Dukinfield CCGBR
72Claire ClancyWSENWilmslow RCGBR
62Nicola CoppockWSENWilmslow Running ClubGBR
70Mark CrosslandM50Wilmslow RCGBR
42Dawn DevineW50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
6Andrew DoddM45Wilmslow StridersGBR
7Sally-Ann DoddW40Wilmslow Striders GBR
31Jo EvansWSENBollington HarriersGBR
32Sam EvansMSENGBR
28Steve EvansM50Biddulph RCGBR
27Richard GayM60Bollington HarriersGBR
41Mark GoddenM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
33Helen GowinW50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
57Roger GrandM45Wolverhampton & Bilston acGBR
10Sian GulliverWSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
14Neil GunnM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
66Lynn HallW40Wilmslow RCGBR
58Iona HarleWSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
38Ann HarrisW65Macclesfield Harriers GBR
61Louisa HarrisonW45Wilmslow RCGBR
73Richard HarrisonM45Wilmslow Running ClubGBR
46David HaytonM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
12Neil HeyM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
17Billy HicksMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
20Colin HillMSENManchester road runnersGBR
35Carolyn Hirons W50Wilmslow RCGBR
69Jarrod HomerM50Wilmslow Running ClubGBR
22Geoff HullM65Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
45Anna IrelandW45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
13Dennis KentropM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
21Rob LeppardM45Bollington HarriersGBR
43Emma LordW45Macclesfield HarriersGBR
23John MackintoshM50Macclesfield HarriersGBR
36Rob MasseyMSENBollington HarriersGBR
34Bernard McCarronM55Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
55Tangwyn McCormickMSENStyal RCGBR
16Michael McLaughlinMSENStyal RCGBR
64Catherine MellorW40Wilmslow RCGBR
67Emily MossWSENWilmslow RCGBR
56Jonny NichollsMSENWilmslow Striders GBR
15Pete NieldM40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
59Paul NorrisM60Wilmslow RCGBR
9Ray O'KeefeM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
51Barrie PowersM50Styal Running ClubGBR
3Francis PyattMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
53Persheng RadWSENStyal RCGBR
76Matthew RigbyMSEN#mrptrundamentalist GBR
8Christine RitchieW60Macclesfield HarriersGBR
68Ian RobertsM55Wilmslow RCGBR
47Gary RogersonM45Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
19Marc SinclairMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
60James SpeedieMSENWilmslow RCGBR
71Sue StrangW55Wilmslow GBR
65Kate SuttonW55Wilmslow RCGBR
37Fiona TaylorW40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
11Michael ThorleyM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
24Oscar TrevenaMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
25Catherine VoyceW40Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
44Fred WardleM60Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
48Peter WilliamsMSENWilmslow StridersGBR
1Dave WilsonM50Macclesfield Harriers & ACGBR
75Dan WrightMSENGBR

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