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Round Donny Run Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=73, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Solo (35)
1Mark WebsterM45Doncaster ACGBRtba
2Sally WheelhouseW50Askern DRCGBRtba
3Adam CotterillMSENDoncaster ACGBRtba
4Trina LinleyW50Thorne Twlight TrottersGBRtba
5Ian BullassM50GBRtba
7Nikki PeetW45Danum HarriersGBRtba
8Chris BrandonMSENThorne Twilight Trotters GBRtba
10Lewis SkinnerMSENTeam Sloth OCRGBRtba
11Rachel JohnsonW40Kingston upon Hull ACGBRtba
12Rob AdamsM45Steel City Striders RCGBRtba
13Hannah MarshallW40South Leeds LakersGBRtba
14Kevin WilliamsM40GBRtba
15Stephen WilliamsM45GBRtba
17Joanne RourkeW40GBRtba
18David ProwseM55Lliswerry RunnersGBRtba
19Barry ProwseMSENDoncaster ACGBRtba
20Sam ProwseW40Doncaster ACGBRtba
21Alex ChanW45GBRtba
23Paul WillisM45GBRtba
25David OneillM50Thorne Twilight TrottersGBRtba
27Glynn JonesM50Doncaster ACGBRtba
28Kerry MitchellW45Doncaster athletes club GBRtba
30Paul MayM45GBRtba
31Marc DayM45GBRtba
33Mark KenworthyM50Doncaster ACGBRtba
35Martin JamesM40Doncaster ACGBRtba
36Peter AndrewsMSENThorne Twilight TrottersGBRtba
37Jane DaviesW50GBRtba
41Paul DickensMSENHyde Park HarriersGBRtba
43Gary LangM45Thorne Twilight TrottersGBRtba
47Chris PattisonM55Derbyshire DynamosGBRtba
48Tracy CooperW45Thorne Twilight TrottersGBRtba
49Victoria HassallW45Doncaster Athletics ClubGBRtba
50Andrew MooreMSENGBRtba
51Claire KellyWSENGBRtba

Team (38)
6Christina FeirnWSENThorne Twilight TrottersGBRFerny Frenzytba
Lee FeirnM40Thorne Twilight TrottersGBRtba
9Charlotte MorleyW407 Hills Harriers GBR7 Hills Harriers tba
Jayne Hemmingham W507 Hills Harriers GBRtba
16Stuart JonesM55Steel City Striders RCGBRSvelte Leaderstba
Liam RussellMSENSteel City Striders RCGBRtba
22Diane ParkerW40GBRTighe Ditba
Kathryn TigheWSENGBRtba
24Martin WilsonM40Doncaster Athletics ClubGBREye of the Tiger - No Pain, No Paintba
Diane PolwinW45Doncaster Athletics ClubGBRtba
26Jonathan SmithM50Doncaster TriathlonGBRJonandjaketba
Jacob ButlerMSENGBRtba
29Rebecca KeatingWSENVegan Runners UKGBRBec and Donnatba
Donna Hackleton W40GBRtba
32Stuart LindsayM40Doncaster ACGBRReigning Championstba
John SheerinM45Doncaster ACGBRtba
34Alannah BoltonWU23N/AGBRSPEEDY ALStba
Alan BoltonM50N/AGBRtba
38Stephen TowardM45Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBRTeam Towardtba
Vicky TowardW45Gainsborough & Morton StridersGBRtba
39Sharon WatersW55Doncaster Athletic ClubGBRTeam Waterstba
Chris WatersM55Doncaster Athletic ClubGBRtba
40Michelle WardWSENDoncaster ACGBRDumb and dumber tba
Darren LambertM50Doncaster ACGBRtba
42Orawan SmithW45GBRHong and Katietba
Katie LawWU19GBRtba
44Tracey ChristisonW50GBRChristison cruiserstba
Mervyn Christison M50GBRtba
45Sally BulmerW40Worksop HarriersGBRTeam Bulmertba
David BulmerMSENWorksop HarriersGBRtba
46Sara JonesWSENNorth Derbyshire RCGBRRunning for cake and medalstba
Sally ShuttleworthW50North Derbyshire RCGBRtba
52Victoria CredlandWSENGainsborough & Morton StridersGBRVic vik tba
Vikki HearnWSENGainsborough & Morton StridersGBRtba
53Kat WisniewskiWSENGBRTeam KWtba
Katie WatsonW40GBRtba
54Amy CanningWSENDoncaster Triathlon ClubGBREasier said than runtba
Claire Wellington WSENDoncaster Triathlon ClubGBRtba

Relay (0)

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