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(D) Farley Heath Temple Trot Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=23, Online=78%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 23 February 2019

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Blue (11)
18140776Sarah RollinsW40SNGBRtba
341271Tim KeoghM55MVGBRtba
5*407361Richard CollyerM45GOGBRtba
7*HireWenwei LiuM21GOGBRtba
98143749Sue CarterW50SLOWGBRtba
107300079Mikhail GryaznevichM65TVOCGBRtba
128641536Juraj HammerM40ATUSVKtba
138645227Colin DicksonM60BAOCGBRtba
158643395Axel BlomquistM65BAOCGBRtba
191591010David SaundersM60HHGBRtba
228657521Steve BaileyM60SNGBRtba

Green (10)
4*434443Frederick SmithM55GOGBRtba
8*401774Barbara LugtonW60GOGBRtba
118661144Inara GipsleW65TVOCGBRtba
148641782Elisabeth DicksonW60BAOCGBRtba
1650117John CollyerM70SOSGBRtba
1750180Jenny CollyerW70SOSGBRtba
188657391Edward FormanM65SOENGtba
201590610Alison SaundersW60HHGBRtba
217201847Amanda BaileyW55SNENGtba
23361579Christopher EdgeM16SNGBRtba

Orange (1)
29140776Tommy RollinsM12SNGBRtba

Yellow (1)
6*407362Jasper CollyerM14GOGBRtba

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