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New Chew Orienteering Event 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=68, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Long Score (4.5hrs) (61)
1Andrew McRoyallM50BOFGBRtba
3Linda HaylesW65Calder valleyGBRtba
4Paul TaylorM50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba
5Jonathan MiltonMSENGBRtba
6Sam SteadMSENKeswick ACGBRtba
7John WilliamsM65Pennine Fell RunnersENGtba
Janet HillW65SOSENGtba
8John AllanMSENCalder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba
Kirsty PattenWSENTodmorden HarriersGBRtba
9Sandrine FraisseW45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba
Leanne DinsdaleWSENBarlick Fell RunnersGBRtba
10Paul RowleyMSENPennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
11Charlie McintoshM50Pudsey & Bramley ACGBRtba
12Geoff BriggsM60Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
Sue RichmondW40Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
14David PatrickM50Ashbourne RCGBRtba
15Paul FilbyM45Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
Chris SmarttM50GBRtba
16Simon ShrewsburyMSENSoloGBRtba
17Mike WhartonM40Sale Harriers ManchesterGBRtba
19James SimpsonM55St Albans Striders GBRtba
20Caroline HardingW45Pudsey & Bramley ACGBRtba
21Stephen SmithiesM50Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba
23Mary EdgertonW55Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
24Sam ToshMSENRossendale HarriersGBRtba
25Carlos BedsonM50Cheshire Hill RacersGBRtba
26Eleanor JohnstoneWSENPennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
27Jack Redvers HarrisMSENPennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
28Paul RowlandM60Pennine Fell RunnersGBRtba
29Phil HodgsonM60Todmorden HarriersGBRtba
30Mandy GothW55Todmorden HarriersGBRtba
Claire Duffield W45Todmorden HarriersGBRtba
31Albert SunterM60Lostock ACGBRtba
Antony MarlowM50Lostock ACGBRtba
32Andrew BidolakM45GBRtba
34Jon UnderwoodM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba
35Mark BurleyMSENMacclesfield Harriers & ACGBRtba
36Anna MackenzieWSENMDOCCYMtba
37Sam DrinkwaterMSENMDOCGBRtba
38Christine BowenW60Goyt Valley StridersGBRtba
39Philip HutchinsonMSENGBRtba
40Sam DixonMSENHelm Hill RunnersGBRtba
41Andy HainesM40Radcliffe ACGBRtba
42Simon AllenM45Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBRtba
43Nicky SpinksW50Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBRtba
46Ian CharlesworthM55Penistone Footpath Runners & ACGBRtba
47Matt TorrM45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba
Nicky TorrW45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba
48Iain DredgeMSENGBRtba
Ian AthertonM50GBRtba
49Christopher GoddardM40Todmorden HarriersGBRtba
Nick GoddardMSENGBRtba
50Sophie HorrocksWSENRossendale HarriersGBRtba
51Simon FisherM45Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba
52Phil BeecroftM40Calder Valley Fell RunnersGBRtba
53Catherine WilsonW40Rossendale Harriers & ACGBRtba
54Steve WilsonM45SELOCGBRtba
55Andrew StuartMSENENGtba
56Steve SandersM45Penistone Footpath Runners & ACGBRtba
57Rick AnsellM55Tring Running ClubGBRtba
58Iain AirthM45GBRtba

Short Score (3.5hrs) (7)
2Vicki HowarthW45GBRtba
13James SheardM50Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba
18Helen AshtonW40PFOGBRtba
22Boff WhalleyM55Pudsey & Bramley ACGBRtba
33John AshtonM70Pendle Forest OrienteersGBRtba
44Adam SpeedM45Pudsey & Bramley ACGBRtba
45Peter CobleyM45Saddleworth Runners ClubGBRtba

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