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(D) Christmas Combo Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=22, Online=14%)

Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 09 December 2018

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
10K Cross-Country (6)
11008511Neil CrickmoreM55SOGBRtba
4*407361Richard CollyerM40GOGBRtba
7*2079990Ben RiversM70GOGBRtba
98010460Jane LambertW55SOGBRtba
5002*Richard Collyer?10tba
5008*Ben Rivers?10tba

Light Blue (3)
5004*Joanne MacCourt?10tba
5005*Mr MacCourt?10tba
5006*Michael While?10tba

Light Green (4)
21661027Susan CrickmoreW55SOGBRtba
6*2061376Helen RiversW60GOGBRtba
8*434443Frederick SmithM55GOGBRtba
5007*Helen Rivers?10tba

Orange (3)
5010*Elsa Rivers?10tba
5011*Tamara Davies?10tba
5012*Mr Davies?10tba

Yellow (6)
3*HireBenjamin JefferyM14GOGBRtba
5*407362Jasper CollyerM14GOGBRtba
5001*Sarah Massey?10tba
5003*Jasper Collyer?10tba
5009*Linnea Rivers?10tba
5013*Benjamin Jeffery?10tba

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