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(D) BOK Local & ASO - Ashton Court (Bristol) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=44, Online=100%)

Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us.

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Green (18)
18645239David FaulknerM55BOKGBRtba(h)
58180453Chris JohnsonM65BOKENGtba(h)
8411841Kevin HoweM50BOKGBRtba
10TF HireKathryn McGregorW21INDGBRtba
122120480Phil WarryM65BOKGBRtba(h)
131779186Simon LottM40BOKGBRtba
14HireRobin HalseyM50BOKGBRtba
208121015Eoghan WilesM21BOKGBRtba
21HireNeil EatonM55BOKENGtba
23HireBernhard HagenM45BOKGBRtba
25HireStephen FletcherM65BKOGBRtba
298021173Rachel Leathwood W45BOKENGtba
309060374Matt LeathwoodM45BOKENGtba
337909197Chris AtkinsM40BOKGBRtba
377654654Alan HoneyM55BOKGBRtba(h)
419200024Jeremy TongeM45BOKGBRtba(h)
429102795Louise TongeW50BOKGBRtba
448657441Nick GracieM45BOKENGtba

Light Green (7)
6400600Dave UrchM70BOKGBRtba(h)
78667384Amy Lee-JonesW14BOKGBRtba
112059638Elizabeth CopeW60BOKGBRtba
26TF HireSylvain FabreM50BOKGBRtba
34HireTom FletcherM40INDGBRtba
38TF HireEmily TurnerW21INDGBRtba
39TF HireJohn HelmM35INDGBRtba

Orange (9)
3HireFiona LeeseW45BOKGBRtba
9HireCelia HoweW55BOKGBRtba
15HirePamela HalseyW50BOKGBRtba
16HireIsabelle HalseyW14BOKGBRtba
188180406Ella May RushW14BOKGBRtba
24HireMarion StutzriemerW40BOKGBRtba
27HireMichele FirmoM21INDENGtba
322066869Richard KeningtonW65INDGBRtba
4081202077Agnieszka KaminskaW40BOKGBRtba(h)

Yellow (7)
2HireAnnie LeeseW14BOKGBRtba
17HireLouisa HalseyW12BOKGBRtba
19TF HireClaire FerraroW21INDENGtba
22HireLeni HagenW12BOKGBRtba
35HireAna FletcherW10INDGBRtba
36HireLeon FletcherM10INDGBRtba
43335118Isabelle TongeW10BOKGBRtba

White (3)
4HireHattie LeeseW10BOKGBRtba
28434436Emily LeathwoodW10BOKENGtba
319021173Sophie LeathwoodW10BOKENGtba

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