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King of the Castle 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=49, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
1 mile 800 ft time trial (49)
8Khalil AhmadM45GBR
42Stefan BarthelmesMU17GBR
41Tobias BarthelmesMU23Keswick ACGBR
33Andy BeatyM60Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
34Kate BeatyW60Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
24Andy BlackettMSENDurham Fell RunnersGBR
39Harry BoltonMU19Keswick ACGBR
21Lindsay BuckW55Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
32Nicky ButlerW55KESWICK ACGBR
23Lee CalvertMSENLancaster & Morecambe ACGBR
43Jennie ChatterleyW45CFRGBR
5Callum Coldwell-StorryMSENGBR
19Adam CresswellMSENCumberland Fell RunnersGBR
2Carolyn DaviesW45Dumfries HarriersGBR
49Tom DayMSENKeswick ACGBR
38Rachel Findlay-RobinsonWSENKESWICK ACGBR
3Leon FlesherM45GBR
35Paul FullwoodM50Keswick AACGBR
15Bobby Gard-StorryMSENGBR
6Darren GrundyM40GBR
40Steve HalsallMSENKeswick ACGBR
1Ian HarringtonM40Helm Hill RunnersGBR
47James HarrisMSENBlack Combe RunnersGBR
16Ivan HolroydM45KeswickGBR
14John HunstonM55Keswick AACGBR
25Malcolm MarshallM55Scunthorpe & District ACGBR
48Sandra MasonW55CFRGBR
12Marina McCallumW45Kirkintilloch OlympiansGBR
28Dave MiddlemasM45Valley Striders ACGBR
17Lorela MovileanuWSENKeswickGBR
9Sara MurphyWSENGBR
27Simon NetherwayMSENKeswick AACGBR
46Gavin O’ConnorMSENTrawden ACGBR
13Adam OliverM40Helm Hill RunnersGBR
20Eve PannoneWU18Eden RunnersGBR
36Dot PattonW60Cumberland FeGBR
4Caitlin PearsonWSENGBR
10Angela ReidW40North Ayrshire Athletics Club GBR
29Aled SageM40GBR
37Howard SealM45CFRGBR
44Andrew SlatteryM50Keswick ACGBR
45Rachel SlatteryW50Helm Hill RunnersGBR
7Vinny SpillaneM40GBR
31Catherine SpurdenWSENKeswick ACGBR
11Nicholas SummertonMSENSelby StridersGBR
30Aaron ThompsonMSENGBR
18Denise TunstallW50Durham Fell RunnersGBR
22Debbie WalkerW40Derwent AC CockermouthGBR
26Jessica WilliamsWSENDurham Fell RunnersGBR

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