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(C) Brighton City Race 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=42, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Men Open (over 16) (9)
18630950Edward LinesM20SOGBRtba
28444244Alexander LinesM21SOGBRtba
128400168Scott CollierM21KERNOGBRtba
158656119Ben LonsdaleM35RAFOENGtba
178080674Nick BarrableM40SYOGBRtba
27HireRowen HoltM35INDGBRtba
32TF HireDan CopeM35SarumGBRtba
338112358Kieran MarshM21EborGBRtba
368167485Euan MarshM21SOGBRtba

Men Veteran (over 40) (3)
58030467John MarshM50SOGBRtba
168060469Graham DenneyM45SAXGBRtba
258641885James KingdomM16SOGBRtba(h)

Men Super Veteran (over 55) (6)
108150150Robin WilsonM55SOGBRtba
148639640Chris HookerM55SOENGtba
20TF HireClive WilkinsonM55SUFFOCGBRtba
238641887Ray KingdomM60SOGBRtba
30TF HireEamon StauntonM60WIMGBRtba
348016748David MarshM55SOGBRtba

Men Ultra Veteran (over 65) (6)
4260271Bill GriffithsM65EBORGBRtba
198007444Anthony BarrableM70RAFOGBRtba
228220350John PittamM65SOGBRtba
28597724David FisherM65MVGBRtba
37223326Michael WhiteM80MVGBRtba
39560606Christopher BranfordM70WIMGBRtba

Men Hyper Veteran (over 75) (0)

Junior Men (12 to 16) (0)

Accompanied Junior Men (under 16) (2)
8HireRaquel SnajdarW35INDGBRtba
9HireSebastian SnajdarM12INDGBRtba

Women Open (over 16) (5)
3TF HireKerria RowanW21SOGBRtba
138333330Anne EdwardsW21TVOCGBRtba
188406100Sarah-Jane BarrableW21SLOWGBRtba
248641886Sophie KingdomW20SOGBRtba(h)
26HireHelen GibbW35INDGBRtba

Women Veteran (over 40) (4)
78314510Karen AshworthW50SOGBRtba
218221106Sally WilkinsonW50SUFFOCGBRtba
38895480Jules WheelerW40SOGBRtba
428221105Alison HooperW45LOCGBRtba

Women Super Veteran (over 55) (5)
11TF HireHelen WheelwrightW60SOCGBRtba
298111162Catherine GalvinW55LOKENGtba
31TF HireKirsty StauntonW60WIMGBRtba
358221446Penny MarshW55SOGBRtba
418235520Jill BlountW55SOGBRtba

Women Ultra Veteran (over 65) (2)
6TF HireJulie AstinW65WSXGBRtba
40520202Lynn BranfordW65WIMGBRtba

Women Hyper Veteran (over 75) (0)

Junior Women (12 to 16) (0)

Accompanied Junior Women (under 16) (0)

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