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(B) Chelwood SE League Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=38, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Time
Black (0)

Brown (6)
18630404Antoine PesentiM45DFOKGBRtba(e)
178640488Will HeapM45SOGBRtba(l)
238639640Chris HookerM55SOENGtba(m)
24HireHarley ClarkM35DFOKGBRtba(h)
30HireYonadab Diez-UrkidiM50BKOGBRtba(e)
3832527Mark AdamsM55HHGBRtba(l)

Short Brown (5)
128657435Zlatko PeevM45SLOWGBRtba(m)
188632877Stanley HeapM18SOGBRtba(l)
278252649Keith BennettM45DFOKENGtba(h)
298654195Ian CatchpoleM40DFOKGBRtba(h)
368209071Neil SpeersM50DFOKGBRtba(h)

Blue (7)
32072474Maxime PesentiM16DFOKGBRtba(e)
48347697Paul WilsonM55SOGBRtba(e)
69933887Stig Hultgreen KarlsenM60GeoForm ILNORtba
79560822Ian DitchfieldM60MVENGtba(l)
9308934Peter CarlillM60NORGBRtba(m)
218645267Dawn FiggW50HHGBRtba(e)
34223326Michael WhiteM80MVGBRtba(e)

Short Blue (9)
8220771Ruth RhodesW75SOENGtba(l)
10221277David CollierM65DFOKGBRtba(h)
118657436Boryana PeevaW50SLOWGBRtba(m)
13401496Chris McDonaldM75MVGBRtba(e)
19300300Mike ElliotM65MVSCOtba(l)
208235520Jill BlountW55SOGBRtba(m)
259094018Geoff GoodwinM65DFOKGBRtba(h)
26260527John DuffieldM70HHGBRtba(e)
358668927Alan WilliamsonM70SOENGtba(e)

Green (4)
148641539Scarlet HeapW16SOGBRtba(l)
168197373Kate TurnerW45SOGBRtba(l)
32260420Simon LingM70MVGBRtba(ve)
378642121David LeFevreM60DFOKENGtba(m)

Short Green (3)
58050291Ian WilsonM65SAXGBRtba(m)
311938118Jeremy OldershawM80SAXENGtba(m)
338007444Anthony BarrableM75RAFOGBRtba(m)

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (1)
158644566Tommy HeapM14SOGBRtba(l)

Orange (2)
22096739Vadim PesentiM12DFOKGBRtba(e)
22235737David BlissM60TVOCGBRtba(e)

Yellow (1)
281957000Luke BennettM12DFOKENGtba(h)

White (0)

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