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Caerphilly Challenge Series - The Forge 2019 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=41, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
18-22 mile (self led challenge) (26)
6Martyn BirchYstrad Mynach RunnersGBR
39Caroline BirdGBR
41Louisa ChantGBR
27Greg ClarkGBR
16Stephen DareGBR
15Martyn ElliottGBR
14Colin EvansGBR
17Alan FishwickGBR
34Wayne GrayGBR
30Simon HooperGBR
4Katharine HughesGBR
40Bryan MainGBR
5Gareth MillsGBR
1Helen MilnerGBR
29Julie MorrisGBR
11Zoe PriceGBR
42Ceri RobertsBrian Begg Loves PotatoesGBR
7Gethin RobertsYstrad RunnersGBR
9Joely RoseGBR
3David SargentGBR
8Andrew SmithMynydd DuGBR
12Dan TwydaleGBR
10Kelly TwydaleGBR
13Philip WestGBR
28Tracy WilliamsGBR
38Carl WintersGBR

18-22 mile (led walk) (7)
33Winfield ClaireGBR
25Elinor CoulmanNoneGBR
24Bethan GriffithsNoneGBR
32Sharon Hoidn-ReesGBR
31Carol OneilGBR
2Susie ToogoodGBR
23Sally YearsleyNoneGBR

14-16 mile (self led challenge) (5)
21Lucy ChadwickGBR
20Jacob DaviesGBR
19Linda DaviesGBR
18Richard DaviesGBR
22Stephen DoyleGBR

14-16 mile (led walk) (2)
36Nia DaviesGBR
35Helen JenkinsGBR

Ramblers 9-11 mile (led walk) (1)
37Sheila RichardsGBR

LETS WALK 1-5 mile (led walk) (0)

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