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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Brown (8)
38630931James LyneM21SLOWGBRtba
118437711Edward StottM35SLOWGBRtba
138250165Paul CouldridgeM40SLOWGBRtba
178143749Sue CarterW50SLOWGBRtba
20HireAngel GeorgievM21SLOWGBRtba
231407047David PickupM45SAXGBRtba
298636965Yordan KolevM21SLOWGBRtba
302061373Fiona TamW21SLOWGBRtba

Blue (14)
11961949John Van RooyenM65SAXGBRtba
2HireMike FletcherM65SAXGBRtba
741271Tim KeoghM55MVGBRtba
8223326Michael WhiteM80MVGBRtba
122089662David KingdonM65SAXGBRtba(h)
148101066Dorte Torpe HansenW50SLOWGBRtba
168151150Mike TurnerM65SOGBRtba
188005555Roger MaherM80SOENGtba
198630912Edward CoxM55SOGBRtba
211805550Simon GreenwoodM60SAXGBRtba
258657462Graham ThomasM55SAXGBRtba(h)
26220489Simon BlanchflowerM60SAXGBRtba(h)
281515111Alison HoweW45SAXGBRtba(h)
31590602Sarah HowesW55SAXGBRtba

Green (7)
4443863Margaret BrownW60SNGBRtba
52085199Roger PringM70SAXENGtba(h)
62080022Beryl PringW70SAXENGtba(h)
98221446Penny MarshW55SOGBRtba
158030951Di TurnerW65SOGBRtba
221938118Jeremy OldershawM80SAXENGtba
24400480Gaby RochW45SAXGBRtba

Light Green (1)
277201847Amanda BaileyW55SNGBRtba

Orange (0)

Yellow (0)

60 minute Score (1)
10424427Catherine SladeW40SAXGBRtba

Group Leader on Brown (0)

Group Leader on Blue (0)

Group Leader on Green (0)

Group Leader on Light Green (0)

Group Leader on Orange (0)

Group Leader on Yellow (0)

Group Leader on 60 minute Score (0)

Group Members (0)

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