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(D) Score & ASO League 2 - Durdham Down (Bristol) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=26, Online=100%)

Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us.

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Score (17)
19154473Richard RossingtonM55BOKENGtba
22105314James HillierM45INDGBRtba
32105313Caroline OliverW45INDGBRtba
4HireLara HillierW14INDGBRtba
5HireGrace HillierW16INDGBRtba
68180406Ella May RushW12BOKENGtba
7HireAmy Lee-JonesW14BOKGBRtba
8HireKathryn NortonW50BOKGBRtba
11HireLois TileyW12BOKGBRtba
13HireRhianna PayneW12INDGBRtba
142074442John FielderM70BOKGBRtba(h)
19HireMatilda Knox CartwrightW12BOKGBRtba
20HireRobin HalseyM50BOKGBRtba
21HirePamela HalseyW50BOKGBRtba
22HireIsabelle HalseyW14BOKGBRtba
24HireBernhard HagenM45INDGBRtba
25HireMarion StutzriemerW40INDGBRtba

Yellow (5)
12HireRachel TileyW10BOKGBRtba
16HireCaroline JarrettW35INDGBRtba
17HireMatilda Knox CartwrightW12BOKENGtba
23HireLouisa HalseyW12BOKGBRtba
26HireLeni HagenW12INDGBRtba

White (4)
9HireNiamh BrealeyW10INDGBRtba
10HireYasmin BrealeyW10INDGBRtba
15HireSophie JarrettW10INDGBRtba
18HireAgnes Knox CartwrightW10INDENGtba

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