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Calday Pool Kids Aquathon Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=28, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
8-10 years old (16)
2Keziah KnightWU10Hoylake Amateur Swimming clubGBRtba
5Kate BoothWU10HASCGBRtba
6Izzy TaylorWU10Hoylake ASCGBRtba
7Anders McGivernMU10HASCGBRtba
8Lotti McGivernWU9HASCGBRtba
12Erin OlearyWU10Hoylake Swiming ClubGBRtba
15Florence WainWU9Hoylake Swimming ClubGBRtba
16Sophie WrightWU11Hoylake Amateur Swimming ClubGBRtba
17Isla PastorWU9HASCGBRtba
21Bethan JamesWU9Hoylake Swimming ClubGBRtba
22Jack MaherMU10Hoylake ASAGBRtba
23Sam ScullionMU11HASCGBRtba
24Simon HendersonMU10GBRtba
25Freddy BallMU8GBRtba
26Noah JacksonMU10Chester Triathlon ClubGBRtba
30Tyler HollandMU11GBRtba

11-12 years old (6)
3Evie SmithWU12Wirral ACGBRtba
4Sarah SmithWU12Wirral ACGBRtba
9Christopher ClarkMU12GBRtba
18Erin PastorWU12HASCGBRtba
20Owen JamesMU12Hoylake Swimming ClubGBRtba
27Thomas BellMU13HoylakeGBRtba

13-14 years old (3)
1Emily FludgerWU14Hoylake Amateur Swimming ClubGBRtba
10Daniel ClarkMU15HoylakeGBRtba
19Aaron JamesMU14Hoylake Swimming ClubGBRtba

15-16 years old (3)
11Tomas ClarkMU17GBRtba
28Zara Gautier-PriceMU17Chester Triathlon ClubGBRtba
29Anna UnderwoodWU16HoylakeGBRtba

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