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Ricky's Race Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=70, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country  
7.3km / 240m (70)
24tbaRoland AllattMSENNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
8tbaWendy AmisW50Belper HarriersGBR
9tbaAndrew BaseyMSENHeanor RCGBR
14tbaDave BishMSENBeeston ACGBR
42tbaSimon BrayM45Sinfin RCGBR
23tbaJohn BrennanMSENMatlock ACGBR
36tbaCaroline BrockWSENSteel City Striders RCGBR
55tbaAlison ButlinW45Ripley RCGBR
59tbaJulia BuxtonW50Belper HarriersGBR
1tbaCraig CantrillMSENMatlock ACGBR
7tbaMartin CarsonM45GBR
53tbaWilliam ChangM40Long Eaton RCGBR
15tbaRobert CoatesM40Ripley RCGBR
16tbaGraham CollinsM60Milltown Milers GBR
5tbaSimon ConroyM45Dark Peak Fell RunnersGBR
19tbaClare CoombesW45GBR
32tbaNeil CorkerMSENGBR
66tbaMark CrawshawM50Wirksworth R CGBR
50tbaGraham CurtisM55Soul MatesGBR
26tbaRob DiovisalviMSENGBR
11tbaAndy EarpM55UKnetrunnerGBR
39tbaEmma EldridgeW40GBR
6tbaShelley FaireyWSENMatlock ACGBR
33tbaRichard FordM40Sinfin RCGBR
34tbaJames FoxMSENMatlock ACGBR
28tbaJoseph GallagherMSENBeeston ACGBR
37tbaJack GibbardMSENGBR
40tbaTim GordonM60GBR
64tbaJohn GormanM65North Derbyshire RCGBR
63tbaMaggie GormanW60North Derbyshire RCGBR
3tbaDavid GreatorexM40Matlock ACGBR
27tbaSteve HandM55Derwent Runners (Derby)GBR
30tbaMatt HarrisM40Sinfin RCGBR
62tbaDavid HentonM40HeanorGBR
68tbaAndrew HodkinM55Matlock ACGBR
22tbaCarl HopkinsonM50Ripley RCGBR
45tbaPaul HorsfallM60Handsworth RoadhogsGBR
54tbaJoanne HowettW45Ripley RCGBR
29tbaAndrew HunterM45Beeston ACGBR
13tbaStephen HutsbyM45Ripley Running ClubGBR
17tbaEdward JamesMSENBelper HarriersGBR
56tbaMatthew JonesM45Ripley RCGBR
47tbaRuth KeeleyWSENBelper HarriersGBR
25tbaDarren LaceyMSENSolemates GBR
51tbaElizabeth LakinWSENLong Eaton RCGBR
61tbaRose LeiversWSENHeanorGBR
67tbaAlex LewisM55Southwell RCGBR
4tbaDaniel MaskreyMSENMatlock ACGBR
31tbaHolly McCainWSENBeeston ACGBR
48tbaBen MeakinMSENGBR
60tbaBrendan MooreMSENIlkeston RCGBR
20tbaAnton Newell M50GBR
21tbaDan NightingaleM40Kimberley and District StridersGBR
49tbaSally OwenW45Matlock ACGBR
41tbaPaul PageM45Beeston ACGBR
10tbaDavid PatrickM50Ashbourne RCGBR
12tbaNicola PhotiouW40Erewash Valley RCGBR
35tbaColin PriceM40GBR
18tbaLouise RowleyWSENBelper HarriersGBR
38tbaRobert SavageM45GBR
43tbaPeter SingerM60FRAGBR
57tbaDaniel SmithsonM40North Derbyshire RCGBR
52tbaPaul StevensonM60Sinfin RCGBR
46tbaAndy StubbsMSENBelper HarriersGBR
44tbaKevin TomlinsonM55Milltown MilersGBR
70tbaEmma TurnerW40Matlock ACGBR
69tbaJason TurnerM45Matlock ACGBR
2tbaKevin WagstaffM60GBR
58tbaRichard WestMSENRipley RCGBR
65tbaDonna WoodW40Milltown MilersGBR

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