Barney Memorial 5K Start List

Wednesday 15 August 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=103, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
5K Road Race (103)
66Samantha Baines WSEN Ukrunchat GBR
39Jason Baldwin M45 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
44Dawn Ball WSEN Three counties running club GBR
15Michael Barker M75 Yaxley Runners and JoggersGBR
79James Barnett MSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
58Gill Bates W55 Eye Community RunnersGBR
12Jay Belham MSEN Nene Valley HarriersGBR
97Simon Belton MSEN NVHGBR
102Chelsie Bole WU14 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
8Alan Burgin M65 Huntingdonshire ACGBR
76Millie Caffull WSEN Kettering Town HarriersGBR
48Andy Cole M50 March ACGBR
68Duncan Coombs MSEN Cambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
46Brian Corleys M40 Bushfield JoggersGBR
54Kelly Crawford WSEN Huntingdonshire ACGBR
75Stephen Croft M45 Ely RunnersGBR
56Mike Dallamore M55 Corby ACGBR
94Nigel Dickens M60 Nene Valley Harriers ACGBR
62Keelan Duffy MU16 BRJ Run & TriENG
32Alison Dunphy W45 Eye Community RunnersGBR
51Connor Ely MU15 Bourne Town HarriersGBR
81Elaine Fairbrother W40 Kettering Town HarriersGBR
28Denisa Faragova WSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
38Deirdre Fee W55 Werrington JoggersGBR
92Jim Fell M70 Werrington JoggersGBR
52James Fisher M40 Ely RunnersGBR
60Josie Fortune WU18 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
88Sean Gallagher MSEN Kettering Town HarriersGBR
59Sarah-Jane Gill WSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
2Shane Goldsmith M45 Bushfield JoggersGBR
40Peter Gray M60 Corby ACGBR
69Chloe Haines WSEN Steel City Striders RCGBR
86Phillip Hamlyn M45 Werrington JoggersGBR
85Rosslyn Hamlyn W45 Werrington JoggersGBR
87Thomas Hamlyn MU23 Werrington JoggersGBR
42Harvey Hancock MU16 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
14Daniella Hart WSEN ThorneyGBR
35Alan Hawkes M65 Corby ACGBR
99Lance Hemmings M45 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
100Lottie Hemmings MU14 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
70Penny Hodges W40 Grantham Running ClubGBR
18Gillian Holmes W60 Werrington joggersGBR
23Paul Houlden MSEN Nene valley harriersGBR
90Charles Howard MSEN Ely RunnersGBR
89Stephen Howard M50 Ely RunnersGBR
7Andy Irvine M50 Cambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
37Shara Jones WSEN GBR
3Marc Joyce MSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
50Caroline Louise King W40 Huntingdonshire ACGBR
53Ieva Klavina WSEN Hunts ACGBR
21Andrew Larham M60 March ACGBR
47Geraldine Larham W45 March ACGBR
43Louise Lee WSEN Stamford StridersGBR
4Matthew Mason M45 Ely RunnersGBR
29Nicola Mccann WSEN Kettering Town HarriersGBR
34Hilary McConville W65 Hunts ACGBR
6Carmel McEniery W45 Cambridge & Coleridge ACGBR
22Dominic Moszkal MSEN Peterborough ACGBR
72Luke Myers MSEN Nene Valley HarriersGBR
91Natasha Newitt WSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
93Annette Newton W65 BRJ Run and TriGBR
95Alice Noyes W60 BRJ Run and TriGBR
61Alison Orrell W50 BRJ Run & TriGBR
63James Orrell MU16 BRJ Run & TriGBR
73Gary Parr M50 Eye Community RunnersGBR
74Michaela Parr W45 Eye Community RunnersGBR
80Nilesh Patel MSEN Bushfield JoggersGBR
82Sara Penketh W45 Werrington JoggersGBR
45Aaron Petts M40 Fenland RCGBR
98Ellie Piccaver WU18 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
103Claire Piercy W45 Yaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
57Helena Potgieter WSEN Yaxley Runners & JoggersGBR
5Andy Potter M55 Stamford StridersGBR
71Lee Radley M45 St Neots Riverside RunnersGBR
84Joseph Reindel MU14 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
31Peter Ridley M70 Eye Community RunnersGBR
16Ella Robinson WU16 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
30Tanya Rudd W40 Eye Community RunnersGBR
33Andy Savage M55 Yaxley RunnersGBR
10Sarah Sharp W40 Stamford StridersGBR
64Andy Short M50 Eye Community RunnersGBR
20Jamie Short MSEN Leicester Coritanian ACGBR
78Leah Short WSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
65Sarah Short W50 Eye Community RunnersGBR
13Claire Sibley W45 Thorney RCGBR
41Billy Slaven MSEN Werrington JoggersGBR
1Adrian Smith M60 Huntingdonshire ACGBR
101Jacqui Smith WSEN N/aGBR
17Julie Smith W50 Thorney RCGBR
9Keith Stanley M60 Eye Community RunnersGBR
67Jim Stocker M65 Huntingdonshire ACGBR
36Pauline Stocker W55 Hunts AC GBR
83Sharon Thomas W40 Werrington JoggersGBR
19Peter Ward M50 Thorney Running ClubGBR
49Sophie Watson WSEN Peterborough ACGBR
24Thomas West-Robinson M40 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
25William West-Robinson MU15 Nene Valley HarriersGBR
96Lewis Wiles MU13 Peterborough ACGBR
77Laura Wilkinson WSEN Eye Community RunnersGBR
26Ann Wood W55 Werrington joggersGBR
55Mike Wright M50 Eye Community RunnersGBR
11Phil Young M55 Hunts A.C.GBR
27Roy Young M60 Eye Community RunnersGBR

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