(C/C/D) Tollymore Club Weekend Start List

Friday 22 June 2018 - Saturday 23 June 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=104, Online=100%, Event1=43, Event2=61)
Event 122/06/18 Urban Event - Ballynahinch
Event 223/06/18NI Colour Series 3 - Slievenagore
Event 324/06/18Fun Event - Tollymore - EOD only
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Long (33)
28900411Olivia Baxter W21 LVOGBR tba
48550914Helen Baxter W60 LVOGBR tba
6521206Philip Baxter M65 LVOGBR tba
12510873Ger Power W65 INDIRL tba
147031051Barbara Foley-Fisher W65 LVOIRL tba
167062850Nigel Foley-Fisher M65 LVOIRL tba
182105324Daniel Earnshaw M16 LVONI tba
20HireMark Earnshaw M50 LVOGBR tba
24HireSarah Gamble W40 LVONI tba
268639638Richard Gamble M45 LVONI tba
322107673Emily Rowe W14 GENIRL tba
342107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba
362107671Brian Rowe M50 GEnIRL tba
40434728Andrew Butterfield M55 GENIRL tba
442081299Joseph Butterfield M16 GENIRL tba
46235629Gavin Cairns M50 LVOGBR tba
48666173Heather Cairns W50 LVOGBR tba
501109001Andrew Elwood M18 LVOGBR tba
562068111Deirdre Coyle W45 GENIRL tba
582068115Eoin Browne M45 GENIRL tba
709535097Conor McKernon M40 LVOGBR tba
728280356Andrew Cox M60 WATOIRL tba
75HireZach Murphy M14 LVONI tba
77HireDan Murphy M14 LVONI tba
79HireDenis Murphy M60 LVONI tba
85531980Susan Lambe W35 LVONI tba
88661166Lyle Fleming M55 LVOGBR tba
932038974Mark Pruzina M55 LVONI tba
95427472Quique Aparicio M35 LVOGBR tba
961391155Angus Tyner M50 SetantaIRL tba
1001415161Gordon Stephens M60 LVOGBR tba
1022120745Oliver O'Kane M14 LVONI tba
104HireDonal O'Kane M55 LVONI tba

Short (10)
22HirePeter Gamble M12 LVONI tba
282107675Fionnuala Rowe W10 GENIRL tba
302107674Oscar Rowe M12 GENIRL tba
38440957Aine Joyce W50 GENIRL tba
42361663Paul Butterfield M14 GENIRL tba
522068109Niamh Browne W10 GENIRL tba
542068120Gerry Browne M12 GENIRL tba
602068108Hugh Browne M12 GENIRL tba
6711284Colin Henderson M65 LVOGBR tba
972066823Alfie Tyner M10 SetantaIRL tba

Brown (7)
18900411Olivia Baxter W21 LVOGBR tba
491109001Andrew Elwood M18 LVOGBR tba
731601994Mark Stephens M21 LVONI tba
828657476Billy Reed M50 LVONI tba
848641506Robin Bryson M55 FERMOIRI tba
902038976Helen Pruzina W21 LVOGBR tba
912038975Stephanie Pruzina W50 LVONI tba

Blue (17)
5521206Philip Baxter M65 LVOGBR tba
77181422Mark Philpott M55 NWOCGBR tba
108656114Sharon Dickenson W40 LVONI tba
11510873Ger Power W65 INDIRL tba
172105324Daniel Earnshaw M16 LVONI tba
258639638Richard Gamble M45 LVONI tba
39434728Andrew Butterfield M55 GENIRL tba
47666173Heather Cairns W50 LVOGBR tba
572068115Eoin Browne M45 GENIRL tba
612089511Ann Savage W60 LVOIRL tba
699535097Conor McKernon M40 LVOGBR tba
718280356Andrew Cox M60 WATOIRL tba
838657477Peter Reed M16 LVONI tba
87661166Lyle Fleming M55 LVOGBR tba
89HireBen McComb M40 LvoGBR tba
922038974Mark Pruzina M55 LVONI tba
991415161Gordon Stephens M60 LVOGBR tba

Green (22)
38550914Helen Baxter W60 LVOGBR tba
137031051Barbara Foley-Fisher W65 LVOIRL tba
157062850Nigel Foley-Fisher M65 LVOIRL tba
19HireMark Earnshaw M50 LVOGBR tba
23HireSarah Gamble W40 LVONI tba
332107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba
352107671Brian Rowe M50 GEnIRL tba
432081299Joseph Butterfield M16 GENIRL tba
45235629Gavin Cairns M50 LVOGBR tba
552068111Deirdre Coyle W45 GENIRL tba
622120749Sam van Gelderen M16 GENIRL tba
64363785Miriam van Gelderen W50 GENIRL tba
6611284Colin Henderson M65 LVOGBR tba
68932210Cecil Armstrong M65 LVONI tba
74HireZach Murphy M14 LVONI tba
76HireDan Murphy M14 LVONI tba
78HireDenis Murphy M60 LVONI tba
80434770Michael Murphy M55 LVOGBR tba
811407042Chloe Reed W21 LVONI tba
94427472Quique Aparicio M35 LVOGBR tba
1012120745Oliver O'Kane M14 LVONI tba
103HireDonal O'Kane M55 LVONI tba

Short Green (6)
312107673Emily Rowe W14 GENIRL tba
37440957Aine Joyce W50 GENIRL tba
632120748Hans van Gelderen M14 GENIRL tba
652081300Finn van Gelderen M50 GENIRL tba
862089506Anne Bell W65 LVOGBR tba
981601980Marlene Stephens W55 LVOGBR tba

Orange (4)
21HirePeter Gamble M12 LVONI tba
292107674Oscar Rowe M12 GENIRL tba
41361663Paul Butterfield M14 GENIRL tba
532068120Gerry Browne M12 GENIRL tba

Yellow (5)
8HireCahal Power M10 LVOIRL tba
9HireAran Power M10 LVOIRL tba
272107675Fionnuala Rowe W10 GENIRL tba
512068109Niamh Browne W10 GENIRL tba
592068108Hugh Browne M12 GENIRL tba

White (0)

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