(B) Yvette Baker Trophy Final Start List

Sunday 01 July 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=214, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Yellow (M) YBT (43)
1HireFinn Le Page M12 SNGBR tba
188126579George Rennie M10 WCOCGBR tba
26606868Hiroki Holmes M10 WCOCGBR tba
39HireJamie King M10 GOGBR tba
437100606 (H)Finlay Anderson M12 BOKGBR tba
57HireAnton Augustin M14 SNGBR tba
58HireMatthew Jackson M14 SNGBR tba
62HireRobert Davidson M12 SNGBR tba
63HireAdam Mills M12 SNGBR tba
64HireGeorge Cotton M10 SNGBR tba
65HireGeorge Harnden M12 SNGBR tba
77260109Daniel Glover M10 LEIENG tba
78HireOwen Le Page M10 SNGBR tba
83HireShane Creedon M14 ODGBR tba
888447046Henry Jeffries M12 ODGBR tba
898651789Ruben Jeffries M10 ODGBR tba
9114875Adam Landels M10 ODGBR tba
HireTilly Flippance W10 ODGBR tba
98HireRupert Powell M10 ODGBR tba
1018090702Max Straube-Roth M10 ODGBR tba
118HireRalph Ireland M12 ODGBR tba
122HireBenjamin Brozik M10 LEIENG tba
125HireWilliam Finney M14 CLOKGBR tba
126HireJosh Wood M12 CLOKGBR tba
127HireAdam Wood M14 CLOKGBR tba
1392015390Samuel Buckley M10 SYOGBR tba
1412015393Mark Yeomanson M10 SYOGBR tba
1422015395Oliver Craggs M12 SYOGBR tba
1452072306Caspar Reynolds M10 SYOGBR tba
1462072308Pasco Reynolds M10 SYOGBR tba
1492079961Luke Phoenix M12 SYOGBR tba
1502079963Toby Townsend M12 SYOGBR tba
1512079966Evan Jenkinson M12 SYOGBR tba
1522079970Ben Ash M12 SYOGBR tba
1552125146Samuel Taylor M12 SYOGBR tba
1562096724Joseph Guy M10 SYOGBR tba
157401531Freddie Guy M10 SYOGBR tba
1588241108Oscar Peel M10 SYOGBR tba
159235627Robbie Lightfoot M10 SYOGBR tba
160221284Kai Harrison M10 SYOGBR tba
16132501William Preston M10 SYOGBR tba
1621220507John Doyle M12 SYOGBR tba
1802061324Sebastian Gurteen M14 SUFFOCENG tba

Yellow (W) YBT (26)
22HireMyrtle Ashworth W12 WCOCGBR tba
25HireSophie Crawford W10 WCOCGBR tba
40HireAbigail Toye W10 GOGBR tba
59HirePoppy Perry W12 SNGBR tba
60HireJessica Turner W12 SNGBR tba
61HireMathilda Aspinall W12 SNGBR tba
728290807Lucy Townley W12 SNGBR tba
97HireMegan Marsh W12 ODGBR tba
103HireIsla Prince W12 ODGBR tba
123503481Katie Jones W10 CLOKGBR tba
1242074473Rebecca Mayes W10 CLOKGBR tba
1382015389Annabelle Maltby W10 SYOGBR tba
1402015392Ruth Yeomanson W12 SYOGBR tba
1432015400Beth Sykes W10 SYOGBR tba
1442072301Charlotte Sykes W12 SYOGBR tba
1472072310Isabelle Hampton W12 SYOGBR tba
1482072317Sylvia Fagg W10 SYOGBR tba
1532125141Ellen Ash W10 SYOGBR tba
1542125145Hannah Taylor W14 SYOGBR tba
1631140109Charlotte Chapman W10 SYOGBR tba
1647110209Alice Pieters W10 SYOGBR tba
1651210808Anna Todd W10 SYOGBR tba
1668060650Millie Norman W12 SYOGBR tba
1671420618Ella Baxter W10 SYOGBR tba
1812061322Lottie Plant W12 SUFFOCENG tba
1822061323Alice Hopewell-Plant W12 SUFFOCENG tba

Orange (M) YBT (26)
38021206Theo Steventon-Barnes M12 SUFFOCENG tba
232052924Isaac Hunter M12 WCOCGBR tba
312061380Philip Couldery M14 GOGBR tba
352114587Dylan Rooke M14 GOGBR tba
379134500Luke Mills-Hicks M12 GOGBR tba
381770679Felix Abel M14 GOGBR tba
44HireIra Thompson M16 BOKGBR tba
45HireJamie Dale M16 BOKGBR tba
46HireAngus Martin M16 BOKGBR tba
569140776Tommy Rollins M12 SNGBR tba
768657470Ben Glover M12 LEIENG tba
84HireMatthew Bambrook M14 ODGBR tba
859173718Finley Flippance M14 ODGBR tba
87HireEoin Hankinson M14 ODGBR tba
1088061006Jake O'Donnell M12 DVOGBR tba
1282061498George Martin M14 CLOKGBR tba
129HireSam Rhodes-Dawber M14 CLOKGBR tba
1682079962Benjamin Townsend M12 SYOGBR tba
1691425839James Bryant M12 SYOGBR tba
1708260306Conrad Reuber M12 SYOGBR tba
1712072309Henry McDonald M14 SYOGBR tba
1722072313Benjamin Evans M14 SYOGBR tba
1732079965Dylan Jenkinson M14 SYOGBR tba
1742125143Frederick Emmett M14 SYOGBR tba
1842031821Ben Clarke M14 SUFFOCENG tba
1852061325Morgan Plant M16 SUFFOCENG tba

Orange (W) YBT (15)
178404449Daisy Rennie W12 WCOCGBR tba
24HireEmma Crawford W14 WCOCGBR tba
27260093 (H)Iona Moss W16 LEIGBR tba
36HireZoe Toye W14 GOGBR tba
471121212Edith Stagg W14 BOKGBR tba
69260544Alesha Lowe W14 SUFFOCGBR tba
998641530Josie Smart W14 ODGBR tba
105430413Matilda Tikkanen W14 LEIGBR tba
121HireBarbora Brozikova W16 LEIENG tba
130HireTamsin Gent W14 CLOKGBR tba
1312074472Isabel Mayes W12 CLOKGBR tba
1752015399Ciara Keen W12 SYOGBR tba
176400138Freya Tryner W12 SYOGBR tba
1777170668Alexandra Garnett W12 SYOGBR tba
1782072320Carys Phoenix W14 SYOGBR tba

Light Green (M) YBT (23)
61912774David Rodger M16 WCOCGBR tba
148645265Herbie Ashworth M14 WCOCGBR tba
15223267Wilfrid Teasdale M14 WCOCGBR tba
332061379Matthew Couldery M14 GOGBR tba
488645274Guy Owen M14 BOKGBR tba
492089654Sebastian Crow M14 BOKGBR tba
679110505Harrington Leake M14 LEIGBR tba
707102501Francis Mayes M18 LEIGBR tba
748020904Vincent Townley M14 SNGBR tba
818632160Nathan Chapple M16 ODGBR tba
82HireLuke Cherry M14 ODGBR tba
90HireDavid Knott M14 ODGBR tba
102HireChristian Roberts M16 ODGBR tba
1097205315Ben O'Donnell M14 DVOGBR tba
134HireTom Finney M16 CLOKGBR tba
1352072500Liam Green M14 CLOKGBR tba
1362072499Dominic Green M16 CLOKGBR tba
1882015388Olmo Combley M14 SYOGBR tba
1918051104Matthew Morris M14 SYOGBR tba
1947041126Euan Tryner M14 SYOGBR tba
1951805555Jamie Lightfoot M14 SYOGBR tba
1968151005Daniel Hill M14 SYOGBR tba
1978170804William Garnett M14 SYOGBR tba

Light Green (W) YBT (17)
51416420Clare Rodger W14 WCOCGBR tba
161012005Isabel Sunley W14 WCOCGBR tba
329066719Ellie Mills-Hicks W14 GOGBR tba
349064010Tina Mills-Hicks W14 GOGBR tba
508645273Ruby Owen W14 BOKGBR tba
511012004Bryony Stagg W14 BOKGBR tba
951040914Tabitha Lunn W14 ODGBR tba
969140904Florence Lunn W14 ODGBR tba
1102066612Grace Pennell W18 DVOGBR tba
1142043364Libby Barber W14 LEIGBR tba
1332049825Natalie Martin W16 CLOKGBR tba
1371210301Caitlin Chafer W18 LEIGBR tba
1892072318Hannah Dixon W16 SYOGBR tba
1902125142Ailsa Gillespie W18 SYOGBR tba
1927051005Imogen Pieters W14 SYOGBR tba
1931112604Alexandra Crawshaw W14 SYOGBR tba
209503495Laura Barrett W14 SNCYM tba

Green (M) YBT (25)
27010730Thomas Howell M18 SNGBR tba
72038598Louis Morris M18 WCOCGBR tba
88628588Ben Goodwin M18 WCOCGBR tba
112038598Ben Breeze W18 WCOCGBR tba
122031838Joe Hudd M16 WCOCGBR tba
131022003Joe Sunley M16 WCOCGBR tba
19223268Henry Teasdale M16 WCOCGBR tba
208074458Jonty Goodwin M16 WCOCGBR tba
218074459Joseph Goodwin M18 WCOCGBR tba
292059635Adam Conway M16 GOGBR tba
529101241Oliver Tonge M16 BOKGBR tba
539050505Harry Stagg M16 BOKGBR tba
548270503Jim Bailey M16 BOKGBR tba
681002768Ben Hardy M14 LEIENG tba
868220802Oliver Flippance M16 ODGBR tba
929102257Sam Leadley M18 ODGBR tba
939020305Felix Lunn M16 ODGBR tba
949050302Oliver Lunn M16 ODGBR tba
1832031823Matthew Clarke M18 SUFFOCENG tba
1982038687Dominic Dakin M18 SYOGBR tba
1991423793Ryan Elliot M18 SYOGBR tba
2011311002Samuel Doyle M16 SYOGBR tba
2038260503Joe Owens M16 SYOGBR tba
2058632902Charlie Rennie M16 WCOCGBR tba
210831107Nicolas Barrett M16 SNCYM tba

Green (W) YBT (14)
48210202Rosie Spencer M16 WCOCGBR tba
91872641Lily Regan W16 WCOCGBR tba
109200764Carys Thomas W16 WCOCGBR tba
301708422Phoebe King W14 GOGBR tba
798632169Imogen Wilson W18 LEIGBR tba
1008641529Pippa Smart W16 ODGBR tba
1117060714Rachel Duckworth W16 DVOGBR tba
1121040812Sarah Duckworth W18 DVOGBR tba
1137531753Anna Barber W18 LEIGBR tba
1158205018Chloë Cracknell W18 SUFFOCGBR tba
1329002901Rebecca Aspin W18 CLOKGBR tba
2001085098Alex Elliot W16 SYOGBR tba
2028131200Isobel Reuber W16 SYOGBR tba
2048270202Isabelle Hodgson W16 SYOGBR tba

White non YBT (1)
42416741Craig Thompson M10 HOCGBR tba (h)

Green non YBT (24)
28HireGed Moss M50 LEIGBR tba
412114706Karen Thompson W50 HOCGBR tba (h)
558140776Sarah Rollins W40 SNGBR tba
668362409Heather Monro W45 INDGBR tba
711409719Rick Roberts M65 HOCCYM tba (h)
737202909Laurence Townley M45 SNGBR tba
758628628Mark Chapman M50 SYOGBR tba
808641881Andrew Preston M40 SYOGBR tba
1042061374Lin Page W60 ODGBR tba
106260108Tuomo Tikkanen M50 LEIGBR tba
1072131656Leo Morgado M45 ODGBR tba
1168645272Alice Owen W45 BOKGBR tba
1178645271Matthew Owen M50 BOKGBR tba
1198170775Anne Straube W40 ODGBR tba
1202251Daniel Roth M45 ODGBR tba
1791413608Ian Gamlen M50 COBOCENG tba (h)
1869010739Peter Leake M75 LEIGBR tba
1878170668James Garnett M50 SYOENG tba
2068069601Jamie Rennie M45 WCOCGBR tba
2078005235Helen Rennie W45 WCOCGBR tba
2088040470Richard Barrett M45 BAOCCYM tba
211436239Marian Denham W70 POTOCGBR tba
2128040749Roman Kotecky M65 ODGBR tba
213255566Daniel Kotecky M21 ODGBR tba

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