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Sunday 15 July 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=53, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Men Open (M18-M35) (4)
21953309Neville Baker M65 TVOCGBR tba(l)
31961402Marie-Anne Fischer W55 TVOCGBR tba(l)
2911250Alan Le Moigne M40 DVOGBR tba(e)
397080587Benjamin Rauffet M21 HOCGBR tba(e)

Men Veteran (M40+) (10)
48657449Mike Wheeler M45 ODGBR tba
78033136David Pal M50 WREGBR tba(ve)
151919077Ian Hopkins M50 WREGBR tba(e)
23HireJohn Smith M50 ODGBR tba(e)
258100959Peter Langmaid M50 HOCGBR tba(e)
322131656Leo Morgado M45 ODGBR tba(e)
368109667Robert Bambrook M45 ODGBR tba(e)
388206690Edward Halliwell M45 DEEGBR tba(ve)
458300165Richard Naish M50 DVOENG tba(ve)
529201089Allan Williams M45 WCHGBR tba(e)

Men Super Veteran (M55+) (13)
18640489Mike Snell M60 ODGBR tba(l)
87750220Richard Bonnett M60 BAOCGBR tba(e)
108445566Ray Collins M60 WCHENG tba(l)
148371616Jim Cooke M55 POTOCGBR tba(ve)
21401258Andrew Clough M60 WREGBR tba(l)
317630730Kevin Ross M55 ODGBR tba
348180414Philip Caswell M55 LEiENG tba
358230556Barry Elkington M60 ODGBR tba(e)
371404021Paul Turner M60 SELOCGBR tba
448021263Andrew Vanbeck M55 SMOCGBR tba
488187195Martin Cook M60 SMOCENG tba(e)
498191055Mike Capper M60 WAOCGBR tba(ve)
538191262Phil Hancox M55 WREGBR tba

Men Ultra Veteran (M65+) (11)
68221147Peter Ross M70 MDOCGBR tba(l)
91426927John Griffin M65 WCHENG tba
122023446Peter Carey M70 ODENG tba(e)
178411118Stephen Nightingale M70 HOCGBR tba(e)
1850035Martin Gibbons M65 WREGBR tba(l)
197300097Andrew Payne M65 DEEGBR tba(e)
229010739Peter Leake M75 LEIGBR tba(e)
248130645Doug Dickinson M70 DVOGBR tba(e)
289111049Kevin Gallagher M65 LEIGBR tba(ve)
418401766Keith Willdig M65 ODGBR tba
4750239Dave Smith M65 WCHGBR tba(e)

Men Hyper Veteran (M75+) (2)
268070642Ernie Williams M75 LEIGBR tba(e)
5140419Patrick Pay M80 WREGBR tba

Men Junior (M16-) (0)

Men Young Junior (M12-) (0)

Women Open (W18-W35) (0)

Women Veteran (W40+) (3)
161337570Jane Dring-Morris W50 LEIGBR tba(e)
308190295Lesley Ross W50 ODGBR tba
508630866Diane Jacks W50 WREGBR tba(ve)

Women Super Veteran (W55+) (4)
118101160Christine Collins W55 WCHENG tba(l)
332061374Lin Page W60 ODGBR tba(e)
40HireKrati Chaudhary W21 INDENG tba(e)
43223309Jane Stew W60 ODGBR tba

Women Ultra Veteran (W65+) (6)
52015796Jillyan Dobby W65 MDOCGBR tba(l)
132023447Sheila Carey W70 ODENG tba(e)
201011191Jean Payne W65 DEEGBR tba(e)
27203137Maureen Webb W65 LEIGBR tba(ve)
428401765Margaret Willdig W65 ODGBR tba
468651794Hilary May W60 ODNI tba(e)

Women Hyper Veteran (W75+) (0)

Women Junior (W16-) (0)

Women Young Junior (W12-) (0)

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