(D) WEE Series June 2018 Start List

Wednesday 06 June 2018 - Wednesday 27 June 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=5, Online=100%, Event1=4, Event2=3, Event3=3, Event4=4)
Event 106/06/2018WEE 6 - Antrim Castle
Event 213/06/2018WEE 7 - Antrim Castle Gardens & Clotworthy House
Event 320/06/2018WEE 8 - Belvoir Park Forest
Event 427/06/2018WEE 9 - Barnett’s Demense
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3Event 4
Short (1)
22120576Oonagh Reeve W10 FERMONI tbatbatbatba

Long (4)
137773Simon Reeve M40 FERMONI tbatbatbatba
37181422Mark Philpott M55 NWOCGBR tbatbatbatba
42127414Alastair Jenkins M45 LOGGBR tba
52127414Alastair Jenkins M45 LOGGBR tba

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