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(C) South West Sprint Championships Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=23, Online=100%)

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
M10 (1)
14HireSeth LawsonM10NGOCGBRtba

M12 (1)
13HireReuben LawsonM12NGOCGBRtba

M14 (0)

M16 (2)
68270503Jim BaileyM16BOKGBRtba
189101241Oliver TongeM16BOKGBRtba

M18 (0)

M20 (0)

M21 (1)
38328638Samuel TauntonM21NGOCENGtba

M35 (1)
10223302Doug StimsonM35NWOGBRtba

M40 (0)

M45 (2)
58091172Scott BaileyM45BOKGBRtba
169200024Jeremy TongeM45BOKGBRtba

M50 (1)
12HireMatthew LawsonM50NGOCGBRtba

M55 (2)
47654654Alan HoneyM55BOKGBRtba
21HireStephen LysaczenkoM55QOGBRtba

M60 (1)
238371371Rob ParkinsonM60DEVONGBRtba

M65 (1)
18328138Paul TauntonM65NGOCENGtba

M70 (0)

M75 (1)
208641526Keith HendersonM75WIMGBRtba

M80 (1)
2250203Mike CrockettM80QOGBRtba(h)

W10 (1)
19335118Isabelle TongeW10BOKGBRtba

W12 (1)
9HireGrace FrenchW12WIMGBRtba

W14 (0)

W16 (0)

W18 (0)

W20 (0)

W21 (0)

W35 (0)

W40 (0)

W45 (3)
7963310Amy CurtisW45BOKGBRtba
11HireVanessa LawsonW45NGOCGBRtba
179102795Louise TongeW45BOKGBRtba

W50 (1)
88654192Karen FrenchW50WIMGBRtba

W55 (0)

W60 (1)
158241284Linda PakulsW60WIMGBRtba

W65 (1)
28328268Rosalind TauntonW65NGOCENGtba

W70 (0)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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