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Ripley 10K Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=76, Online=100%)

Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename.

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Name Age
Club Country  
10K (76)
20Priya AghedaSmalley Road RunnersGBR
68Andrew AllenNoneGBR
67Jennifer AllenLong Eaton Running ClubGBR
52Gary BatesNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
35Victoria BeardallSmalley Road Runners GBR
48Mark BinnsSmalley Road RunnersGBR
17Simon BrownGBR
58Alan BrowneNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
28Carl BuckleySmalley Road Runners GBR
15Sarah BullockSmalley Road RunnersGBR
65Anna CartwrightSocialGBR
29Maggie CartwrightNoneGBR
56Chris ChambersSmalley Road RunnersGBR
30Hunt ChrisNorth Derbyshire Running ClubGBR
71Michael ClarkHeanor Running ClubGBR
13Kev CliftonGBR
14Sam CliftonGBR
70Anthony DaviesGBR
9Karl Davies-BeckettNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
10Sue Davies-BeckettNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
60Lynne DelaneyNorth Derbyshire Running ClubGBR
54Kirsty DentonGBR
19Karen DicksSmalley Road Runners GBR
36Steven DoranSmalley Road RunnersGBR
41Alex DuthieGBR
27Gavin ElliottHeanor RCGBR
31Clare EvansNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
32Martin EvansNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
69John EyleyGBR
5Shelley FaireyMatlock Athletic GBR
33Kathleen FletcherGBR
61Darran FurnessHeanor RCGBR
11Ashleigh GascoyneGBR
12Stephen GascoyneGBR
42Andy GloverSmalley Road RunnersGBR
21Lorraine GriffithsRipley RCGBR
59Kathryn Harrison GBR
76Nick HarrisonMatlock ACGBR
37David HickenNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
72Sarah HillRipley RCGBR
57Stephen HobbsGBR
4Clair HughesSmalley Road RunnersGBR
3Jason HughesSmalley Road RunnersGBR
75Stephanie HunterSmalley road runnersGBR
49Darren JacksonNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
55Ruth JonesNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
40Lisa KirkleySmalley Road RunnersGBR
2Ian LynamGBR
1Jacqueline LynamGBR
47Elizabeth MarlerSmalley Road RunnersGBR
46Jeremy MarlerSmalley Road RunnersGBR
8Jack MorleyNorth Derbyshire RCGBR
26Paul MorleySmalley Road RunnersGBR
34Allan MortonGBR
25Richard MyersSmalley Road RunnersGBR
16Diane NevilleSmalley Road RunnersGBR
18Mark OakleyAll About Jogging GBR
7Sam PassinghamNorth Derbyshire Running Club GBR
38Aaron PearsSmalley Road RunnersGBR
62Gary ReeceSmalley Road Runners GBR
66Rob ReynoldsGBR
24Jo RhodesSmalley Road RunnersGBR
74Martine RoebuckAAJ (All About Jogging)GBR
63Jacqueline SaundersSmalley Road RunnersGBR
50Kelly ScottGBR
51Lee ScottGBR
39Nyta SellarsSmalley Road RunnersGBR
53Danielle ShawGBR
6Emily SheldonGBR
64Collette SmedleyGBR
22Andrew SmithGBR
23Samantha SmithGBR
45Lee SwalesTeam Derby RunnerGBR
44Helen WardGBR
73Jon WestN/aGBR
43Jack WilliamsonGBR

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