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(D) BOK Winter Series - Newton Park (Bath) Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=28, Online=100%)

Bristol Orienteering Klub looks forward to your joining us.

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Time
Green (21)
18639642Carol IddlesW60BOKENGtba(h)
3681744David PalmerM70BOKGBRtba(h)
5HireStephen Lee-JonesM50INDGBRtba
88180453Chris JohnsonM65BOKENGtba
941291Jenny SelleyW60BOKENGtba(h)
102120480Phil WarryM65BOKENGtba(h)
112049896David FaulknerM55BOKGBRtba
129630724Richard SavageM55BOKGBRtba
131783408Christopher MoonM65BOKGBRtba
142019680Mike ForrestM60BOKGBRtba
151403068Nigel BrittonM65JOKGBRtba
167201300Carolyn DentW55BOKGBRtba
177601002Rob HickM55WSXGBRtba
189005240Megan Carter-DaviesW21UBOCGBRtba
199711993Ben MitchellM21SBOCGBRtba
217909197Chris AtkinsM40BOKGBRtba(h)
239200769Caroline PotterW55BOKGBRtba
24666606David PotterM55BOKGBRtba
258199529Chloe PotterW20BOKGBRtba
268628551Adam PotterM21BOKGBRtba
282074442John FielderM70BOKGBRtba(h)

Light Green (4)
21412025Anne PalmerW65BOKENGtba(h)
4HireSamantha MarsonW45QOGBRtba
221779186Simon LottM40BOKGBRtba
27400600Dave UrchM70BOKGBRtba(h)

Orange (2)
6HireAmy Lee-JonesW14INDGBRtba
202059638Elizabeth CopeW60BOKGBRtba

Yellow (1)
7HireGillian Lee-JonesW50INDGBRtba

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