Snowdonia 7s 2018 Start List

Saturday 07 July 2018 Competitor Statistics (Total=192, Online=100%) Force name - Please ensure you have used your Force name as your Club name. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Team Name Start Time
Open (92)
4Trevor Dale Suffolk ConstabularyGBR Chaffing the Dream08:00
Matthew Smy Suffolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
David Skevington Suffolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Ben Hudson Suffolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
8Richard Mavin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria B08:00
James Graham Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Ross Jenkin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Craig Lory Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
10Andrew Slattery Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria A08:00
Stewart Glendinning Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Simon Gray Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Chris Newman Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
12Ryan Cowley MPSGBR Shetlands Boys08:00
Adrian Moran MPSGBR 08:00
Sam Hudson-Gool MPSGBR 08:00
Graham Dowden MPSGBR 08:00
13Kris Jones Dyfed-PowysGBR Dyfed-Powys Legends08:00
Paul Morris Dyfed-PowysGBR 08:00
Ash Brice Dyfed-PowysGBR 08:00
Jonny Griffiths Dyfed-PowysGBR 08:00
16Chris Brooks Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Norfolk 108:00
Nick Paling Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Leo Blyth Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Darren Harper Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
19Carl Brandwood SUFFOLK CONSTABULARYGBR Suffolk Hill Appriciation Team (SHAT)tba
22Gary Corns Greater Manchester Police ACGBR GMP B Team 08:00
Steve Quinn Greater Manchester Police ACGBR 08:00
Matt Hill Greater Manchester Police ACGBR 08:00
Kev Handley Greater Manchester Police ACGBR 08:00
23Steven Haywood DorsetGBR Leti Lust08:00
Lou Dutch DorsetGBR 08:00
Leo Glendon DorsetGBR 08:00
Tim Travers DorsetGBR 08:00
24Andy Parsons BedsGBR Can you carry my bag dear08:00
Phil Stanton BedsGBR 08:00
Matt Carroll BedsGBR 08:00
Hayley Carroll BedsGBR 08:00
25Dan Appleby GMP AGBR GMP A Team08:00
Troy Wilson GMP AGBR 08:00
Matt Oldham GMP AGBR 08:00
Gwyn Dodd GMP AGBR 08:00
26Philip Bussy Essex PoliceGBR Three Men and a Little Lady08:00
Stu Simons Essex PoliceGBR 08:00
Andy Sawyer Essex PoliceGBR 08:00
Alex Warchol Essex PoliceGBR 08:00
27Matthew Nayagam 174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBR 174 Pro Coy (Male Team)08:00
Simon Jackson 174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBR 08:00
Alexander Pollard 174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBR 08:00
Warren Moreland 174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBR 08:00
29Keith Johnson BedsGBR MELIUS FIO08:00
Ian Mawdesley BedsGBR 08:00
Ben Craven BedsGBR 08:00
Sophia Bartlett BedsGBR 08:00
32Darren Richards WMP - Moobs AlongGBR WMP - Moobs Along08:00
Johnny Morris WMP - Moobs AlongGBR 08:00
Tony Hare WMP - Moobs AlongGBR 08:00
Marc Edwards WMP - Moobs AlongGBR 08:00
33Christopher Urwin WMP - Southern SoftiesGBR WMP - Southern Softies08:00
Paul Linton WMP - Southern SoftiesGBR 08:00
Richard Strevens WMP - Southern SoftiesGBR 08:00
David Craister WMP - Southern SoftiesGBR 08:00
34Scott Wood BTPGBR Nutritious and Delicious08:00
Christopher Lane BTPGBR 08:00
David Purdy BTPGBR 08:00
Jimmy Hatton BTPGBR 08:00
35David Wall SP OPSTGBR Torches Needed08:00
James Millward SP OPSTGBR 08:00
James Felix SP OPSTGBR 08:00
Dani Thompson SP OPSTGBR 08:00
36Alex Griffiths North Wales PoliceGBR How hard could it be?08:00
Iwan Jones North Wales PoliceGBR 08:00
Dave Jolly North Wales PoliceGBR 08:00
Rob Mahoney North Wales PoliceGBR 08:00
38Vincent Craven NWPGBR Mountain Muppets08:00
Phillip Beattie NWPGBR 08:00
Andrew Osborne NWPGBR 08:00
Rebecca Roberts NWPGBR 08:00
40Martin Campbell CheshireGBR EPC Team08:00
Ian Stead CheshireGBR 08:00
Victoria Reid CheshireGBR 08:00
Robert Dalton CheshireGBR 08:00
45Dave Warren Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR Lancs B08:00
Kevin Illingworth Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
Mark Mulryan Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
Nicolle Croft Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
48Chris Lowe MerseysideGBR Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers08:00
Ste O'Neill MerseysideGBR 08:00
Mal Gordon MerseysideGBR 08:00
Simon Vaughan MerseysideGBR 08:00

Ladies (8)
31Gemma Brown 174 Pro CoyGBR 174 Pro Coy (Female Team)07:30
Rebecca-Lee Husk 174 Pro CoyGBR 07:30
Anna Woodcock 174 Pro CoyGBR 07:30
Jodi Eleanor Wilkinson 174 Pro CoyGBR 07:30
46Fiona Jackson Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR Lancs C07:30
Laura Lawler Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 07:30
Louis Myers Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 07:30
Rachel Fung Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 07:30

Mixed (Minimum 2 ladies) (20)
6Chloe Gilmore West Midlands PoliceGBR West Midlands (Mixed) 08:00
Beth Goucher West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
Harvey Mulingani West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
Darren Atkinson West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
7Helen Mavin Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Mixed08:00
Kelly Mo Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Alistair McCaig Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Paul Cullen Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
15Ian Sturgess Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Norfolk 208:00
Lisa Gough Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Ann Lewin Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Lucy Campbell Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
28Baz Omo BedsGBR All this for another mug and coaster08:00
Rob Clough BedsGBR 08:00
Debbie Simpson BedsGBR 08:00
Jenny Bryce BedsGBR 08:00
43Simon Hignett Cheshire Constabulary GBR Cheshire B08:00
Trisha Van Rooyen Cheshire Constabulary GBR 08:00
Jack Pilkington Cheshire Constabulary GBR 08:00
Murphy Ciara Cheshire Constabulary GBR 08:00

Vets (All 40+ on race day) (64)
1Mark Little West Midlands PoliceGBR FOU NEED TO GET A JAZZ ON08:00
Steve Morris West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
Matt Jarrott West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
Lewis Hurford John Jones West Midlands PoliceGBR 08:00
2Tony Russell SuffolkGBR Retirement Racers08:00
David Ellis SuffolkGBR 08:00
Stuart Parke SuffolkGBR 08:00
Robbie Beecroft SuffolkGBR 08:00
3Chris Edwards Surrey PoliceGBR Sergeant O’ Connor’s Lonely Hearts Club Band08:00
Paul Dutton Gloucestershire PoliceGBR 08:00
Tom Mason Surrey PoliceGBR 08:00
Mark Duncton Gloucestershire PoliceGBR 08:00
5Simon Wanless South YorkshireGBR Status Zero08:00
Rachel Hayes South YorkshireGBR 08:00
David Hartley South YorkshireGBR 08:00
Iain Chorlton South YorkshireGBR 08:00
9Eelco Docter Cumbria ConstabularyGBR Cumbria Vets08:00
Justin Bibby Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Brian Horn Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Nina Walkingshaw Cumbria ConstabularyGBR 08:00
11Michael Furness British Transport PoliceGBR Sole Train08:00
Simon Downey British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
David Miller British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
Nick Somerville British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
14Carwyn Phillips Dyfed-PowysGBR Dyfed-Powys Elderstba
Matt Scrase Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
Mark White Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
Marcus Wright Dyfed-PowysGBR tba
17Nick Dean Norfolk ConstabularyGBR Norfolk 308:00
Mick Andrew Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Kris Barnard Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
Stu Barnard Norfolk ConstabularyGBR 08:00
20Richard Bunting South Yorkshire PoliceGBR Last Sheep on the Hill08:00
Michael Carver South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00
Pete Brown South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00
Kirk Hardwick South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00
21Ian Jones British Transport PoliceGBR Off The Rails08:00
Dan Gregory British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
Steve Howard British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
Nick Tatlow British Transport PoliceGBR 08:00
30Phil Fortun StaffsGBR Older But No Wiser08:00
Andy Maxfield StaffsGBR 08:00
Glyn Pattinson StaffsGBR 08:00
Dave Giles StaffsGBR 08:00
37Dominic Buck Herts vetsGBR Chaos08:00
Neville Hanks Herts vetsGBR 08:00
Desmond Kelly Herts vetsGBR 08:00
Victoria Knight Herts vetsGBR 08:00
39Rob Grantham CheshireGBR Cheshire Vets 08:00
Tim Cope CheshireGBR 08:00
Neil Pettie CheshireGBR 08:00
Williams Chris CheshireGBR 08:00
42Neil Coppack NWPGBR Owain's 40!08:00
Craig Jones NWPGBR 08:00
Tom Prytherch NWPGBR 08:00
Owain Llewellyn NWPGBR 08:00
44Dennis Nelson Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR Lancs A08:00
Graham Brown-Smith Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
Janine Fallon Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
Arran Sayle Lancashire Constabulary ACGBR 08:00
47Simon Harrison South Yorkshire PoliceGBR South Yorkshire Z list08:00
Coller Shaune South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00
David Hogan South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00
Christopher Glossop South Yorkshire PoliceGBR 08:00

Supervets (All 50+ on race day) (8)
18David Rhodes Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR Old Herts still beating08:00
John Luck Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
Paul Watts Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
Richard Harbon Hertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBR tba
41Terry New NWPGBR The Golden oldies08:00
Chris Roberts NWPGBR 08:00
Richard Eccles NWPGBR 08:00
John Hanson NWPGBR 08:00

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