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Snowdonia 7s 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=56, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Open (20)
4Trevor DaleSuffolk ConstabularyGBRChaffing the Dreamtba
Matthew SmySuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
David SkevingtonSuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Ben HudsonSuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
8Richard MavinCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Btba
James GrahamCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Ross JenkinCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Craig LoryCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
10Andrew SlatteryCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Atba
Stewart GlendinningCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Simon GrayCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Chris NewmanCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
12Ryan CowleyGBRShetlands Boystba
Adrian MoranGBRtba
Sam Hudson-GoolGBRtba
Graham DowdenGBRtba
13Mark WhiteDyfed-PowysGBRDyfed-Powys Youth (and Caz)tba
Carwyn PhillipsDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Ash BriceDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Jonny GriffithsDyfed-PowysGBRtba

Ladies (0)

Mixed (Minimum 2 ladies) (8)
6Chloe GilmoreWest Midlands PoliceGBRWest Midlands (Mixed) tba
Beth GoucherWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Harvey MulinganiWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Darren AtkinsonWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
7Helen MavinCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Mixedtba
Kelly MoCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Alistair McCaigCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Paul CullenCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba

Vets (All 40+ on race day) (28)
1Jason NunnWest Midlands PoliceGBRFOU NEED TO GET A JAZZ ONtba
Steve MorrisWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Matt JarrottWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Stuart ManleyWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
2Tony RussellGBRRetirement Racerstba
David EllisGBRtba
Stuart ParkeGBRtba
Robbie Beecroft GBRtba
3Chris EdwardsSurrey PoliceGBRSergeant O’ Connor’s Lonely Hearts Club Bandtba
Paul DuttonGloucestershire PoliceGBRtba
Neil LoyWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Mark DunctonGloucestershire PoliceGBRtba
5Simon WanlessGBRStatus Zerotba
Rachel HayesGBRtba
David HartleyGBRtba
Iain ChorltonGBRtba
9Eelco DocterCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Vetstba
Justin BibbyCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Brian HornCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Nina WalkingshawCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
11Michael FurnessBritish Transport PoliceGBRSole Traintba
Simon DowneyBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
David MillerBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
Nick SomervilleBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
14Paul MorrisDyfed-PowysGBRDyfed-Powys Elderstba
Matt ScraseDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Dave SteerDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Marcus WrightDyfed-PowysGBRtba

Supervets (All 50+ on race day) (0)

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