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Snowdonia 7s 2018 Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=152, Online=100%)

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Name Age
Club Country   Team Name Start Time
Open (80)
4Trevor DaleSuffolk ConstabularyGBRChaffing the Dreamtba
Matthew SmySuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
David SkevingtonSuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Ben HudsonSuffolk ConstabularyGBRtba
8Richard MavinCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Btba
James GrahamCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Ross JenkinCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Craig LoryCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
10Andrew SlatteryCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Atba
Stewart GlendinningCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Simon GrayCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Chris NewmanCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
12Ryan CowleyGBRShetlands Boystba
Adrian MoranGBRtba
Sam Hudson-GoolGBRtba
Graham DowdenGBRtba
13Mark WhiteDyfed-PowysGBRDyfed-Powys Youth (and Caz)tba
Carwyn PhillipsDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Ash BriceDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Jonny GriffithsDyfed-PowysGBRtba
16Chris BrooksNorfolk ConstabularyGBRNorfolk 1tba
Nick PalingNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Leo BlythNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Darren HarperNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
19Carl BrandwoodSUFFOLK CONSTABULARYGBRSuffolk Hill Appriciation Team (SHAT)tba
22Gary CornsGreater Manchester Police ACGBRGMP B Team tba
Steve QuinnGreater Manchester Police ACGBRtba
Matt HillGreater Manchester Police ACGBRtba
Kev HandleyGreater Manchester Police ACGBRtba
23Steven HaywoodDorsetGBRLeti Lusttba
Lou DutchDorsetGBRtba
Leo GlendonDorsetGBRtba
Tim TraversDorsetGBRtba
24Andy ParsonsBedsGBRCan you carry my bag deartba
Phil StantonBedsGBRtba
Matt CarrollBedsGBRtba
Hayley CarrollBedsGBRtba
25Dan ApplebyGMP AGBRGMP A Teamtba
Troy WilsonGMP AGBRtba
Matt OldhamGMP AGBRtba
Gwyn DoddGMP AGBRtba
26Philip BussyEssex PoliceGBRThree Men and a Little Ladytba
Stu SimonsEssex PoliceGBRtba
Andy SawyerEssex PoliceGBRtba
Alex WarcholEssex PoliceGBRtba
27Matthew Nayagam174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBR174 Pro Coy (Male Team)tba
Simon Jackson174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBRtba
Alexander Pollard174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBRtba
Warren Moreland174 Pro Coy (Male Team)GBRtba
29Keith JohnsonBedsGBRMELIUS FIOtba
Ian MawdesleyBedsGBRtba
Ben CravenBedsGBRtba
Sophia BartlettBedsGBRtba
32Darren RichardsWMP - Moobs AlongGBRWMP - Moobs Alongtba
Johnny MorrisWMP - Moobs AlongGBRtba
Tony HareWMP - Moobs AlongGBRtba
Marc EdwardsWMP - Moobs AlongGBRtba
33Christopher UrwinWMP - Southern SoftiesGBRWMP - Southern Softiestba
Paul LintonWMP - Southern SoftiesGBRtba
Richard StrevensWMP - Southern SoftiesGBRtba
David CraisterWMP - Southern SoftiesGBRtba
34Scott WoodGBRNutritious and Delicioustba
Christopher LaneGBRtba
Matthew BurneyGBRtba
Jimmy HattonGBRtba
35David WallSP OPSTGBRTorches Neededtba
James MillwardSP OPSTGBRtba
James FelixSP OPSTGBRtba
Dani ThompsonSP OPSTGBRtba
36Alex GriffithsNorth Wales PoliceGBRHow hard could it be?tba
Iwan JonesNorth Wales PoliceGBRtba
Dave JollyNorth Wales PoliceGBRtba
Rob MahoneyNorth Wales PoliceGBRtba
38Vincent CravenGBRMountain Muppetstba
Phillip BeattieGBRtba
Andrew OsborneGBRtba
Rebecca RobertsGBRtba

Ladies (4)
31Gemma BrownGBR174 Pro Coy (Female Team)tba
Michelle HodgsenGBRtba
Anna WoodcockGBRtba
Laura GuestGBRtba

Mixed (Minimum 2 ladies) (16)
6Chloe GilmoreWest Midlands PoliceGBRWest Midlands (Mixed) tba
Beth GoucherWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Harvey MulinganiWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Darren AtkinsonWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
7Helen MavinCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Mixedtba
Kelly MoCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Alistair McCaigCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Paul CullenCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
15Ian SturgessNorfolk ConstabularyGBRNorfolk 2tba
Lisa GoughNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Ann LewinNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Lucy CampbellNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
28Baz OmoBedsGBRAll this for another mug and coastertba
Rob CloughBedsGBRtba
Debbie SimpsonBedsGBRtba
Jenny BryceBedsGBRtba

Vets (All 40+ on race day) (48)
1Jason NunnWest Midlands PoliceGBRFOU NEED TO GET A JAZZ ONtba
Steve MorrisWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Matt JarrottWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
Stuart ManleyWest Midlands PoliceGBRtba
2Tony RussellGBRRetirement Racerstba
David EllisGBRtba
Stuart ParkeGBRtba
Robbie Beecroft GBRtba
3Chris EdwardsSurrey PoliceGBRSergeant O’ Connor’s Lonely Hearts Club Bandtba
Paul DuttonGloucestershire PoliceGBRtba
Tom MasonSurrey PoliceGBRtba
Mark DunctonGloucestershire PoliceGBRtba
5Simon WanlessGBRStatus Zerotba
Rachel HayesGBRtba
David HartleyGBRtba
Iain ChorltonGBRtba
9Eelco DocterCumbria ConstabularyGBRCumbria Vetstba
Justin BibbyCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Brian HornCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
Nina WalkingshawCumbria ConstabularyGBRtba
11Michael FurnessBritish Transport PoliceGBRSole Traintba
Simon DowneyBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
David MillerBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
Nick SomervilleBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
14Paul MorrisDyfed-PowysGBRDyfed-Powys Elderstba
Matt ScraseDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Dave SteerDyfed-PowysGBRtba
Marcus WrightDyfed-PowysGBRtba
17Nick DeanNorfolk ConstabularyGBRNorfolk 3tba
Mick AndrewNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Kris BarnardNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
Stu BarnardNorfolk ConstabularyGBRtba
20Richard BuntingSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRLast Sheep on the Hilltba
Michael CarverSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
Pete BrownSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
Kirk HardwickSouth Yorkshire PoliceGBRtba
21Ian JonesBritish Transport PoliceGBROff The Railstba
Dan GregoryBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
Steve Howard British Transport PoliceGBRtba
Nick TatlowBritish Transport PoliceGBRtba
30Phil FortunGBROlder But No Wisertba
Andy MaxfieldGBRtba
Glyn PattinsonGBRtba
Dave GilesGBRtba
37Dominic BuckCHAOSGBRHerts Vetstba
Neville HanksCHAOSGBRtba
Desmond KellyCHAOSGBRtba
Knight VictoriaCHAOSGBRtba

Supervets (All 50+ on race day) (4)
18David RhodesHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBROld Herts still beatingtba
John LuckHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba
Paul WattsHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba
Richard HarbonHertfordshire Cobstabulary CHAOS ClubGBRtba

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