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(C/C/B) Sunny Sussex Orienteering Weekend Start List

Competitor Statistics (Total=4, Online=100%, Event1=2, Event2=2, Event3=2)

Event 112/05/18 Saturday MorningRegional (Level C) Middle Distance - River's Wood
Event 212/05/18 Saturday EveningRegional (Level C) Sprint Event - Goffs Park
Event 313/05/18 SundayNational (Level B) South East Long Distance Event - Worth Lodge

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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Country   Start Near  
Entry No. / Name
Start Times
Event 1Event 2Event 3
Black (0)

Brown (0)

Short Brown (0)

Blue (2)
1361705Patrick MurphyM60BOCIRLtba(e)tba(e)
48150150Robin WilsonM55SOGBRtba(e)tba(ve)

Short Blue (0)

Green (0)

Short Green (0)

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (0)

Orange (0)

Yellow (0)

White (0)

C1 (M16-M40) (0)

C2 (M45-50 W16-35) (0)

C3 (M14 M55-60 W40-50) (2)
2361705Patrick MurphyM60BOCIRLtba(e)
38150150Robin WilsonM55SOGBRtba(e)

C4 (M12 M65-70 W14 W55-65) (0)

C5 (M75+ W12 W70+) (0)

C6 (M10 W10) (0)

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