Horsley 4 Mile Race and Fun Run Start List

Sunday 12 May 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=74, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
4 Mile Race (57)
16Andy Aiston MSEN Ilkeston RCGBR
13Isaac Andrews MU19 Belper HarriersGBR
60Robyn Aspden WU18 GBR
11Bev Barnes W60 Kimberley & District StridersGBR
9Stone Barry M65 Little Eaton HornetsGBR
12Colin Bateman M55 GBR
15Phil Butt M60 Belper HarriersGBR
52Chris Chambers M45 Smalley Road RunnersGBR
64Arthur Collis MU15 Matlock Athletic ClubGBR
42Neil Cort M55 Ilkeston RCGBR
35James Debenham MU18 GBR
34Richard Debenham M45 GBR
76Sallie Dukes W45 GBR
39Caroline Fabb W40 GBR
48Joanne Fletcher W55 Smalley Road RunnersGBR
8Jan Forrester W70 Belper HarriersGBR
63Vicky Foulke W45 GBR
24Andy Freeberne M50 GBR
25Holly Freeberne WU23 GBR
10Matt Garcia M50 GBR
43Brett Goacher MSEN Smalley Road RunnersGBR
75Ed Godber M45 Belper harriersGBR
2Kath Halford W55 Little Eaton RunnersGBR
38Peter Harrison M65 Little Eaton HornetsGBR
61Bethany Higgins WSEN Wirksworth R CGBR
33Claire Holmes W50 GBR
1Dennis Holmes M60 Matlock ACGBR
44Sarah James WSEN GBR
27Gary Jones M40 Matlock ACGBR
29Jacob Jones MU16 Matlock ACGBR
66Ray Last M45 Little Eaton RunnersGBR
32Andy Mellor M50 Matlock Athletic ClubGBR
53Nick Noonan MSEN GBR
4Heidi Palmer W40 GBR
54Trevor Pearce M50 Smalley Road RunnersGBR
23Susan Pinder W65 Heanor RCGBR
62Ted Prime MU15 GBR
18Kerry Queenan W45 Heanor RCGBR
37Adam Robinson MSEN Belper HarriersGBR
19Helena Rooms W55 Little Eaton RunnersGBR
5Ewen Ross M45 Matlock ACGBR
6Mark Shankland M50 Team Derby RunnerGBR
7Sam Shankland MU15 Derbyshire SchoolsGBR
56David Shepard-jones M70 GBR
50Bromley Sibson MSEN GBR
49Robin Sibson M65 GBR
70Lisa Skermer W50 Ripley Running ClubGBR
72Lucy Sumner WSEN Matlock ACGBR
55Laylah Swindles WSEN GBR
57Samantha Swindles WSEN GBR
14Richard Tomlinson M45 GBR
58Emma Vanter W45 GBR
17Michael Wheatcroft MSEN Smalley Road RunnersGBR
36Steven Whysall M50 GBR
59Charlotte Wood W45 GBR
65Marianna Wood WU16 GBR
46Rebecca Woodward WSEN Jog DerbyshireGBR

Fun Run (17)
67Toby Bussell MU10 Matlock ACGBR
73Frank Cartwright MU12 Matlock ACGBR
74Rosie Cartwright MU10 Matlock ACGBR
40Julia Frisby W60 GBR
26Max Gill MU9 Matlock ACGBR
68Benjamin Hutchinson MU10 GBR
69Hollie Hutchinson WU8 GBR
31Emily Jones WU8 Matlock ACGBR
28Lisa Jones WSEN Matlock ACGBR
30Oliver Jones MU12 Matlock ACGBR
22Edward Measures MU6 GBR
20Kirstie Measures WSEN GBR
21Matthew Measures MSEN GBR
41John Pepper M80 GBR
51Rebecca Sibson WSEN GBR
71Evie Skermer WU13 Rogue Runners RipleyGBR
45Neville Whitton M65 GBR

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