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Use this function to distribute a common email to the primary contact email address of all online and postal entrants.  It must only be used to pass on information relevant to this event.  For example, use it to announce the availability of start times, final details, provisional results, last minute changes, etc.

An organiser's copy will be sent to the standard organiser's distribution list and to Fabian4 (plus the To: address(es) if requested).  Separate multiple "To" addressees with ";".

The email is sent from an account event.official@fabian4.co.uk.  Set the Reply-To field to your own email address, so that you personally receive any replies.

The postal entrant distribution only operates for those entrants that have been added using the postal entrants web interface, & unique contact details have been inserted (in step 1).  Postal entrants with an email address matching an address from the standard organiser's distribution list are filtered out.


Reply To:  your email address
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Subject:  e.g. event name

Dear <first name>,


You can view your entry details using:
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Email distributed to <xxx> primary contacts by Fabian4 www.fabian4.co.uk
Replies to this email are returned directly to the event official


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