Tintern Trot Start List

Thursday 04 July 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=49, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
5.5 miles (49)
14Emelie Arnold W40 Nailsea running clubGBR
8Nick Ashby M50 GBR
18Jullian Bailey-Gard M45 Forest of Dean ACGBR
48Emma Barrett W45 Chepstow HarriersGBR
34Adam Bennett M45 GBR
33Jane Bennett W55 Town & Country HarriersGBR
13Jon Bird MSEN Nailsea RCGBR
39Kieron Brown MSEN Mon Ross trail blazersGBR
44Peter Cable MSEN Thornbury RCGBR
41Tom Cansfield MSEN Nailsea RCGBR
35Tim Carr M55 Westbury HarriersGBR
42Luke Corrigan M65 GBR
17Marc Cross M40 Griffithstown HarriersGBR
47Charles Crundwell M55 Chepstow HarriersGBR
2Bernadette Davies W55 Newent RunnersGBR
6Hugh Denton M45 Nailsea Running ClubGBR
7Rory Deuchar M45 GBR
4Andrew Elverd M55 GBR
23Tom Firth M40 GBR
19Ian Gawinowski M45 Westbury HarriersGBR
40Mike Harris M70 Westbury HarriersGBR
31Wesley Harris M45 Caerleon RCGBR
9Terry Hill MSEN Nailsea RCGBR
11Kate Hoffen W55 Westbury harriersGBR
28Lee Holland M40 Caerleon RCGBR
27David Hunt M40 GBR
24Andrew Jenkins M50 GBR
43Katie Manfield WSEN Nailsea Running ClubGBR
12Christian Moeller-Olsen M40 GBR
5Alexandra Moruzzi W40 Nailsea Running ClubGBR
26Diana Osman W50 GBR
25Phil Osman M50 GBR
49Clive Osmond M60 Les Croupiers R CGBR
1Carl Peacock M55 GBR
46Justin Pocknell M55 Caerleon RCGBR
21Holly Pretious WSEN Doing it for the donutsGBR
38Mark Prosser M50 Fairwater Runners CwmbranGBR
29Gavin Rees M45 GBR
3Jules Richardson W55 Nailsea Running ClubGBR
45Chris Ruck M60 GBR
10Julie Scholey W65 Les Croupiers RCGBR
30Richard Self M55 Les Croupiers RCGBR
36Ben Sheahan M60 GBR
22Tom Skinner MSEN GBR
37Nick Sloper M50 Spirit of MonmouthGBR
32Josephine Sulman W50 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
20Kathryn Thoday W40 Doing it for donutsGBR
16Dawn Thompson W45 Doing it for DonutsGBR
15Dan Weston MSEN Doing it for DonutsGBR

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