(D) Tufnell Park StreetO Start List

Tuesday 12 December 2023 Competitor Statistics (Total=69, Online=94%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
60 minute score (69)
18084888John Rae-Smith M60 DFOKSCO tba
2*8640466Miriam Rosen W70 SROCGBR tba (h)
39094018Geoff Goodwin M70 DFOKGBR tba
4TF HireBlyda Hefer W45 SLOWGBR tba
5TF HireCaitlin Whitby W21 INDGBR tba
6TF HireAnjie Gjertsen W65 SLOWGBR tba
7TF HireVictoria Howarth W45 LokGBR tba
8HireDon Howarth M40 LokGBR tba
9*8508173Michael Tsang M21 SLOWGBR tba (h)
101234999George Cairns M21 LOKGBR tba
11HireNick Taylor M35 INDGBR tba
12TF HireLucy Graham W21 INDGBR tba
13HireCatherine Simpson W21 SLOWGBR tba
148129809James Leech M21 SLOWGBR tba
158111162Catherine Galvin W60 LOKGBR tba
169200380Campbell Walsh M45 CHIGGBR tba
178045230Ryan Sutton M35 SLOWGBR tba
188076320Eleanor Broughton W35 SLOWGBR tba
19260527John Duffield M75 HHGBR tba
201240990James Gjertsen M21 SLOWGBR tba
21HirePaul Housden M60 INDGBR tba
22HireDenise Melchin W21 INDGBR tba
239030466Elaine Battson W55 LOKENG tba
24HireJohn Phillipson M55 INDGBR tba
25HireGrace Rawlins W21 INDGBR tba
268022764Trevor Hoey M55 FVOGBR tba
278280580Adam Dent M40 CHIGGBR tba
28HireRich Mallett M35 INDGBR tba
29HireSuzannah Gore W35 INDGBR tba
30HireNeil Studd M35 SLOWGBR tba
318642121David LeFevre M65 DFOKGBR tba
328261974Francis Hutchinson M45 DFOKGBR tba
338252649Keith Bennett M50 DFOKGBR tba
348402202James Cunnane M60 TVOCGBR tba
358053538Simon Clarkson M50 SLOWGBR tba
36HireJudith Clarkson W50 SLOWGBR tba
37TF HireRoderick Hoffman M60 INDGBR tba
388090519Simon Wright M21 INDGBR tba
398214543Allan Hodkinson M45 PFOENG tba
40HireCraig Cairns M40 INDENG tba
418508223Rob Sibley M70 SAXGBR tba
428657405Judith Armitt W70 SAXGBR tba
438170652Don McKerrow M70 SLOWENG tba
448654195Ian Catchpole M40 DFOKGBR tba
458656125Vinh-Phuong Hoang W21 SLOWGBR tba
46TF HireHarriet Trefusis W21 SOGBR tba
47TF HireDavid Stanhope M50 BAOCGBR tba
48HireRobyn Ellis W21 INDGBR tba
49HireAidan Peppin M21 INDGBR tba
50TF HireJames Wall M35 INDGBR tba
51*8413734Richard Lloyd M55 LOKGBR tba (h)
52HireAndrew Fargus M45 INDGBR tba
53HireBrian Cave M45 INDGBR tba
54TF HireAndy Reed M45 INDGBR tba
558669957David Lobley M55 DFOKGBR tba
56TF HireChristopher Shaw M40 INDGBR tba
57HireFrank Marshall M60 INDGBR tba
588140583Duncan Grassie M40 SLOWGBR tba
598641855Irene Petersen W55 LOKGBR tba
60HireTatia Engelmore W40 INDGBR tba
61HireAndrew Gair M21 INDGBR tba
628077689Iris Lueke W45 SLOWGBR tba
63*HireTodd Fallesen M40 SLOWGBR tba (h)
64TF HireChristopher Waite M21 SLOWGBR tba (h)
65HireRaphael Ledieu M21 INDGBR tba
66HireNick Davies M40 INDENG tba
67TF HireFieke Reijntjes W35 INDGBR tba
688470496Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill M21 Bay Area OCUSA tba
69HireAnna Shierson W21 INDGBR tba

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