King of the Castle 2024 Start List

Sunday 07 January 2024 Competitor Statistics (Total=60, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Senior Men (18)
4Jonas Barthelmes MU19 GBR
6Dan Bell MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
7Harry Bolton MSEN Keswick ACGBR
10Laurentiu Bulprich MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
12Callum Coldwell-Storry MSEN GBR
15Adam Cresswell MSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
17Gavin Dale MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
18James Davies MSEN GBR
21Joe Fisher MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
23Bobby Gard-Storry MSEN Eden RunnersGBR
25Sam Green MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
29Ben Holmes MSEN Keswick ACGBR
32Dave Kirby MSEN GBR
44Jack Robinson MSEN Ambleside ACGBR
46Ben Rothery MSEN Ilkley Harriers ACGBR
49Jacob Tonkin MSEN Keswick ACGBR
58Daniel Worsell MSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
59Jack Wright MSEN Ambleside ACGBR

M40 (5)
1Paul Aitken M40 Helm HillGBR
27Ian Harrington M45 Ambleside ACGBR
30Alan Homer M40 Derwent AC CockermouthGBR
37Simon Netherway M40 Keswick ACGBR
45Richard Robinson M45 KeswickGBR

M50 (7)
5Ludger Barthelmes M55 GBR
8Ian Brockbank M55 GBR
16David Crout M55 Keswick ACGBR
19John Ferris-Worth M55 NFRCGBR
38John Nicoll M50 Northern FellsGBR
48Peter Taylor M50 CFRGBR
50Jim Tyson M50 Ambleside ACGBR

M60 (7)
14Paul Cornforth M60 Ambleside ACGBR
31Andy Johnson M60 Netherhall ACGBR
34Nick Moore M65 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
47Paul Simpson M60 Ambleside ACGBR
51Chris Upson M60 Cambuslang HarriersGBR
53Graham Watson M60 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
56Mark Wise M60 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

M70 (2)
28Mike Hind M70 Borrowdale Fell RunnersGBR
54Colin Webb M70 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

Senior Women (9)
3Christine Barthelmes WSEN GBR
22Juliet Fullwood WSEN CFRGBR
26Tara Grosvenor WSEN Ambleside ACGBR
36Charlotte Murray WSEN Ambleside ACGBR
39Alison O'Neil WSEN Carnethy Hill Racing ClubENG
41Sophie Owen WSEN Ambleside ACGBR
43Caitlin Pearson WSEN Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
57Holly Wootten WSEN GBR
60Xian Zhao WSEN GBR

W40 (5)
2Leeann Barber W40 CFRGBR
11Joanna Cartmell W40 Northern Fells Running ClubGBR
24Krystal Garnett W40 AmblesideGBR
52Lindsay Walker W40 Keswick ACGBR
55Becca Weir W40 Ambleside ACGBR

W50 (3)
13Kerry Cornforth W50 Keswick ACGBR
20Julie Ferris-Worth W55 NFRCGBR
40Lou Osborn W50 Ambleside ACGBR

W60 (3)
9Lindsay Buck W60 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
35Jane Mottram W65 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR
42Dot Patton W65 Cumberland Fell RunnersGBR

W70 (1)
33Lesley Malarkey W70 GBR

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