Canicross Anglesey Membership to 31/08/2024 Member List

Saturday 31 August 2024 Member Statistics (Total=48, Online=98%) Postal members (nnn*) were last uploaded on 12 March 2024 See the Club Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
Name Age
Junior (U18) (1)
43*Ellie Lloyd GBR

Senior (18+) (41)
1James Harwood GBR
3Gwen Cooper GBR
4Michelle Rigby GBR
5Ian Snailham GBR
6Fiona Sellar GBR
7Angharad Rhisiart GBR
8Sophie Lucas GBR
9Alexandra Lord GBR
10Becky Hitchens GBR
12Sally Green GBR
13Matt Osmont GBR
14Simon Thomas GBR
15Mike Rust GBR
16Ceri Stewart GBR
18Jasmine Sharp GBR
19Rachel Williams GBR
21Hilary Jaques GBR
22Colette Fletcher GBR
23Hilary Ford GBR
24Corinna Jones GBR
25Nia Hughes GBR
26Fiona Sellar GBR
27Kate Jones GBR
28Vickie Warland GBR
29Bryony North GBR
30Tina Usherwood GBR
31Claire Liversage GBR
32Emily Hampton GBR
33Anna Buckingham GBR
34Emily Wymer GBR
36Melanie Wymer GBR
37Rhian Evans-Hill GBR
38Steve Mullan GBR
39Claire Williams GBR
40Mabli Baines GBR
41Shannon Parsons GBR
42Byron Lloyd GBR
44Sara Sherratt GBR
45Tony Hughes GBR
47Iain Fogg GBR
48Keith Davis GBR

2nd member in the same household (6)
2Sarah Harwood GBR
11Chip Green GBR
17Rob Eadon GBR
20Aaron Comeault GBR
35Jay Wymer GBR
46David Fletcher GBR

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