(C/C) 50 years of SYO & YHOA Middle Distance Champs Start List

Sunday 04 September 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=25, Online=100%, Event1=19, Event2=6)
Event 104/09/2022YHOA Middle Distance Championships
Event 204/09/2022Fun Score on composite multi-age map
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Brown (4)
58008958Jenny Johnson W40 SYOGBR 12:30 (h)
98130193Jonathan Crickmore M21 SYOGBR 12:26
118090293Laura Robertson W21 SYOGBR 12:10
258051177Mark Anderson M45 SYOENG 10:30

Blue (4)
18250166David Cladingboel M55 LEIGBR 10:30
48371616Jim Cooke M60 POTOCGBR 10:40
157111963Dean Field M55 HALOGBR 11:16
178630944Rob Last M60 SYOGBR 10:32 (h)

Green (3)
28201157Dave Brown M65 HALOGBR 10:45
161964145Roseanne Field W55 HALOGBR 11:15
198290404Max Mobus M18 SYOGBR 11:31

Short Green (5)
38105929Pam Brown W60 HALOGBR 10:45
7220236Dora Deaville W65 POTOCENG 10:41
128010851Jillyan Dobby W70 MDOCGBR 11:05
138221147Peter Ross M75 MDOCGBR 11:01
142049900John Woodall M80 NOCENG 11:15

Very Short Green (0)

Light Green (0)

Orange (0)

Yellow (1)
6501061Alex Johnson M10 SYOGBR 12:30 (h)

White (2)
21HireDaniel Anderson M10 SYOGBR 12:21
23HireThomas Anderson M10 SYOGBR 12:15

Score (6)
88130193Jonathan Crickmore M21 SYOGBR tba
108090293Laura Robertson W21 SYOGBR tba
188055088Beverley Inkson W50 SYOGBR tba
20HireDaniel Anderson M10 SYOGBR tba
22HireThomas Anderson M10 SYOGBR tba
248051177Mark Anderson M45 SYOENG tba

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