The Loop 10K Start List

Saturday 09 July 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=45, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Under 23 Men (2)
3Tomas Black MU23 GBR
25Elliot Davies MU23 Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR

Senior Men (7)
40Jamie Bishop MSEN GBR
32Andrew Coates M40 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
33Michael John MSEN Pontyclun road runnersGBR
45Macpherson Joseph MSEN Caerphilly RunnersGBR
16David Shewring MSEN Pontyclun RoadRunnersGBR
23Joshua Smith MSEN GBR
44Tom Kenneth Villanueva MSEN GBR

M40 (4)
7Paul Begley M45 GBR
43Shawn Davies M40 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
8Huw Gough M45 Hengoed HarriersGBR
20Paul Morton M40 Les CroupiersGBR

M50 (9)
28Paul Chapman M50 Les Croupiers RCGBR
41Shaun Cotter M55 GBR
37Robert Ellis M50 Caerphilly RunnersGBR
1Stuart Felix M50 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR
2David George M50 Les Croupiers RCGBR
22Simon Marks M55 GBR
30Darren Morgan M55 Penarth and Dinas runnersGBR
39Dan Newton M45 Pont-y-pwl & District RunnersGBR
27Nathaniel Palmer M50 Les CroupiersCYM

M60 (3)
19Phil Groves M60 Pegasus RCGBR
4Clive Osmond M60 Les Croupiers R CGBR
17Gary Reed M65 Pontyclun RoadRunnersGBR

M70 (2)
35Paul Day M70 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
36Tony Grandon M70 ATGBR

Under 23 Women (0)

Senior Women (3)
11Charlotte Bethell WSEN Pegasus RCGBR
24Aggie Farlow-Hoare WSEN Pontypridd Roadents ACGBR
38Maria Pietila WSEN GBR

W35 (2)
5Catherine Anstice W40 Ponty PanthersGBR
42Rebecca Davies W40 Rhondda Valley RunnersGBR

W45 (8)
31Michelle Amblin W45 Les Croupiers RCGBR
26Andrea Bishop W50 GBR
6Joanne Morgan W45 Run4all NeathGBR
34Louise Nuttall W50 Pontyclun road runnersGBR
14Lisa Pryse W50 GBR
21Kar Smith W50 GBR
12Sharon Smith W50 GBR
10Ellen Sugden W45 Pegasus RCGBR

W55 (5)
29Kay Chapman W55 Les Croupiers RCGBR
13Eirwen Davies W60 GBR
15Linda Edwards W50 GBR
18Sally Groves W55 Pegasus RCGBR
9Julie Scholey W60 Les Croupiers RCGBR

W65 (0)

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