Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race Start List

Sunday 03 July 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=78, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Senior Men (5)
76Kevin Higgins M60 North Wales Road RCGBR
29Nem James MSEN Prestatyn RCGBR
34Chris Turner MSEN Eryri HarriersENG
1Stephen Wiggins MSEN Helsby RCGBR
28James Yarwood MSEN Abergele HarriersGBR

M35 (2)
69Julian Ayres MSEN GBR
21Ian Edwards MSEN Eryri HarriersGBR

M40 (3)
46Luke Earnshaw M40 Eryri HarriersGBR
15Drew Gray M40 Deestriders RCGBR
57Ian Mawdesley M40 Wrexham AACGBR

M45 (8)
55Nick Cason M45 Bungay Black Dog RCGBR
45Christopher Hedley M45 GBR
33Mark Kelly M45 Denbigh HarriersGBR
75Mick Mawdesley M45 GBR
13Andrew Scott M45 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR
27Tim Tansley M45 Oswestry OlympiansGBR
62Jason Thomas M45 Cybi StridersGBR
72James Todman M45 GBR

M50 (7)
70Simon Bonfield M50 Abergele HarriersGBR
9Jez Brown M50 Buckley RunnersGBR
39Steven Brown M50 Prestatyn RCGBR
20Stuart Culverhouse M50 North Wales Road RunnersGBR
26Steve Gadd M50 Denbigh HarriersGBR
58Owen Humphreys M50 Eryri HarriersGBR
7Karl Martin M50 Prestatyn RCGBR

M55 (5)
66Peter Agnew M55 Buckley RunnersGBR
5Adam Brightman M55 Cybi StridersGBR
43Charlie Eldred M55 Chester Triathlon ClubGBR
78Jon Holmes M55 Northwich Running ClubGBR
61Michael Robbins M55 Wrexham AACGBR

M60 (4)
59Des Davies M60 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR
52John Jones M60 Abergele HarriersGBR
51Arwel Lewis M60 Eryri HarriersGBR
64Paul Shannon M60 Tattenhall RunnersENG

M65 (4)
18Donald Hale M65 North Wales Road RCGBR
37Fred Jones M65 Denbigh HarriersGBR
44Graham Jones M65 Shrewsbury ACGBR
38Mike Snell M65 Eryri HarriersGBR

M70 (2)
56Michael Hayton M70 NWRRCGBR
73Jeffrey Jones M70 Denbigh HarriersGBR

M75 (2)
42Emyr Davies M75 Rhedwyr HebogGBR
74Michael Davis M75 Prestatyn RCGBR

M80 (0)

Senior Women (4)
60Amie Bagnall WSEN Cheshire DragonsGBR
22Claire Harris WSEN West Cheshire ACGBR
54Lisa Lines WSEN Prestatyn RCGBR
32Anna Mackenzie WSEN Eryri HarriersGBR

W35 (1)
16Gemma Moore WSEN Eryri HarriersGBR

W40 (5)
49Mandy Cartwright W40 Prestatyn RCGBR
23Vicky Darby-Brown W40 GBR
48Sophie Johnson W40 Prestatyn RCGBR
71Sarah Morgan W40 GBR
12Gemma Williams W40 Beaumaris town road runnersGBR

W45 (10)
41Helen Alefounder W45 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR
40Caroline Caffery W45 Buckley RunnersGBR
67Lee Evans W45 Denbigh HarriersGBR
4Suzanne Evans W45 Prestatyn RCGBR
47Hannah Griffith W45 North Wales Road RCGBR
68Helen Hannam W45 North Wales Road RCGBR
63Cara Jones W45 Prestatyn RCGBR
6Kerry Jones W45 Cybi StridersGBR
8Liz Martin W45 Prestatyn RCGBR
30Ally Reid W45 Prestatyn running clubGBR

W50 (7)
10Emma Birchall W50 PRCGBR
50Ann Claire Jones W50 Prestatyn RCGBR
19Debbie Jones W50 Prestatyn RCGBR
25Nia Maloney M50 Beaumaris Town Road RumnersGBR
24Sian Meirion W50 Buckley RunnersGBR
17Sarah Popplewell W50 Beaumaris Town Road RunnersGBR
11Nicola Wylie W50 NWRRCGBR

W55 (3)
65Jane Elliott W55 GBR
31Linda Friar W55 Prestatyn RCGBR
35Susan Smith W55 North Wales Road RunnersGBR

W60 (4)
3Julie Evans W60 PrestatynGBR
53Susan Hughes W60 Prestatyn Running ClubGBR
2Sue Jones W60 Cybi StridersGBR
36Gillian Lawrence W60 Oswestry OlympiansGBR

W65 (1)
14Kay Cottrell W65 Run Free Fell RunnersGBR

W70 (1)
77Maggie Oliver W70 Eryri HarriersGBR

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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