Drumochter Drop IV Start List

Sunday 21 August 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=60, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Standard (60)
27Derek Abbott Kinross CCGBR
35Craig Allan GBR
31Julia Anderson Drafting DinosGBR
55Lindsay Arnott Kinross CCGBR
39Kirsty Cambridge GBR
3Amanda Cameron Kinross cycling clubGBR
19Jackie Campion Belles on Bikes TaysideGBR
26Andy Craig Kinross Cycling ClubGBR
23Jackie Cunningham GBR
28Sandra Currie Kinross Cycling ClubGBR
25Claire Davidson GBR
14Sara Davies ByCycleGBR
43David Dawson CACHUBGBR
37Anita Dow GBR
30Barbara Dunlop GBR
34John Elliott GBR
21Kirsty Ellis GBR
7Charles Evans ByCycleGBR
5Shelagh Fulton CACHUBGBR
45Hazel Golda Kinross Cycling ClubGBR
4Robert Gunn Bycycle.org.ukGBR
2Colin Heggie By CycleGBR
1Janet Heggie By CycleGBR
57Brian Innes GBR
59Hannah Innes GBR
56Kyle Innes GBR
58Pauline Innes GBR
20Jennifer Johnstone GBR
33Vic Johnstone GBR
8Gordon Liney GBR
9May Liney GBR
17Denise Logan GBR
16Graham Logan GBR
12David Lyle BycycleGBR
38Deborah Matthew GBR
44Hugh McAninch BycycleGBR
22Tony McCandless GBR
47Emily McCartney GBR
36Katharine Melville ByCycleSCO
48David Merrie ByCycleGBR
49Tessa Merrie GBR
42Caroline Morrison KCCGBR
29Elaine Ness Dundee WheelersGBR
41Damien O'Neill BycycleGBR
40Gina O'Neill ByCycleGBR
60Deirdre Phoenix GBR
6Martin Priestley GBR
10Lorna Ridley GBR
11Kathryn Salmond Coupar angusGBR
32Allie Scott Petal PowerGBR
18Margaret Scott BycycleGBR
24Neil Senior Kinross Cycle ClubGBR
13Mike Simm ByCycleGBR
15Terence Smith Harrogate Wheel EasyGBR
50Linda Symon BY CYCLEGBR
46Sarah Walker ByCycleGBR
51Diane White ByCycleGBR
52William White ByCycleGBR
54Catherine Wykes DPC CCGBR
53David Wykes Angus Bike ChainGBR

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