(D) Interlopers Local - Dechmont Law Start List

Saturday 07 May 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=71, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Blue (12)
7HireKevin Godfrey M55 INDGBR tba
238061210David Nisbet M65 ESOCGBR tba
488150566Robin Galloway M55 INTGBR tba
498080576Paul Hammond M45 FVOGBR tba
508033988James Hammond M16 FVOGBR tba
538141411William Ivory M50 INTGBR tba
548651798Peter Brownsort M60 ELOSCO tba
597001973Graeme Ross M45 INTGBR tba
649102275Sabine Oechsner W21 ESOCGBR tba
688657457Lorna Eades W55 INTGBR tba
698657427David Eades M55 INTGBR tba
708240971Peter O'Hara M50 ESOCSCO tba

Green (20)
18657533Morag McIntyre W60 INTGBR tba
28011955James Morrison M65 ESOCGBR tba
32136407Neil Polwart M45 FVOSCO tba
41011235Grace Polwart W14 FVOSCO tba
52120565Ben Polwart M20 FVOSCO tba
68121939Anne Thom W70 ESOCGBR tba
88030948Jeff Hodgson M60 ELOGBR tba
98103371Ted Finch M70 FVOSCO tba
118032001Finlay Ross M55 ESOCGBR tba
422096582Ollie Tomczyk M18 ESOCGBR tba
468145399Lynn Easton W50 STAGSCO tba
478080266Lucy Galloway W55 INTGBR tba
518044366Mary Williams W70 EsocGBR tba
5250428Gordon Neilson M65 ESOCSCO tba
552224235Lesley Grattan W45 LVONI tba
562224236Chloe Grattan W16 LVONI tba
572029105Jim Moffat M70 KFOSCO tba
608130905Thomas Ross M18 INTGBR tba
618172008Ben Ross M14 INTGBR tba
628220372Mary Ross W50 INTGBR tba

Orange (19)
108103372Val Finch W70 FVOSCO tba
268064306Alexander Neave M14 FVOGBR tba
272096573James Choi M14 ESOCGBR tba
282096573Alex Choi M14 ESOCGBR tba
312096575Phoenyx Brown W16 ESOCGBR tba
322096576Lucy Sneddon W16 ESOCGBR tba
332096577Eva McCann W14 ESOCGBR tba
342096577Elspeth Rink W14 ESOCGBR tba
358270708Olly Simmers M14 ESOCGBR tba
382096580George Angus M14 ESOCGBR tba
392096580Will Jeacock M14 ESOCGBR tba
402096581Muhammad-Ali Khurram M16 ESOCGBR tba
412096581Matteo Morbiato M16 ESOCGBR tba
442096584Oliver Newall M14 ESOCGBR tba
452096585Tate Woodhouse M14 ESOCGBR tba
582136456Kenny Gunn-Russell M65 ESOCGBR tba
63HireEddie Melvin M14 INDGBR tba
65HireReuben Murdoch M14 INDSCO tba
66HireIsaac Murdoch M16 INTSCO tba

Yellow (20)
12363504Myren MacPhee W14 STAGGBR tba
13363507Billy Miller M14 STAGGBR tba
14363502Ben Lee M14 STAGGBR tba
15363503Jason MacLeod M14 STAGGBR tba
16363501Chloe Bonnes W14 STAGGBR tba
17363505Erin McGowan W14 STAGGBR tba
18363509Emily Paterson W14 STAGGBR tba
19363511Darcy Wilson W14 STAGGBR tba
20363506Joe Miller M14 STAGGBR tba
21363510Andrew Pinkerton M14 STAGGBR tba
22363508Abi Murphy W14 STAGGBR tba
242096571Alexis Gow W14 ESOCGBR tba
252096572George De Candole M14 ESOCGBR tba
292096574Hamish Rae M14 ESOCGBR tba
302096574Taha Diouri M12 ESOCGBR tba
362096578Jamie Crawford M14 ESOCGBR tba
372096579Cameron Chapman M14 ESOCGBR tba
432096583Nathan Murray M14 ESOCGBR tba
67HireNatalie Homer W45 INDSCO tba
71HireMaria O'Hara W10 ESOCSCO tba

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