(C) NGOC 2022 League 4 - May Hill Start List

Sunday 01 May 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=242, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
Brown (38)
108628560Paul Gebbett M50 BOKGBR tba
148001138Dylan Sherman M21 OUOCGBR tba
248233222Neville Baker M65 TVOCGBR tba
278100260Rob Hick M60 WSXGBR tba
30947191James Wilkinson M21 NGOCGBR tba
369050362David Williams M60 HOCGBR tba
378655936Sam New M21 NWOGBR tba
528010365Russell Finch M55 ODGBR tba
548640489Mike Snell M65 ERYRIGBR tba
558110184Simon Evans M35 KERNOGBR tba
63630506Clive Hallett M55 BOKGBR tba
658657540Doug Wilson M50 NGOCGBR tba
798083011Ben Green M45 TVOCGBR tba
818090493William Gardner M21 ODGBR tba
868657538Rhys Manning M40 SWOCGBR tba
1068655916Nigel Bunn M55 TVOCGBR tba
1118181288Sheila Braine W55 QOGBR tba
1128655011Hamish Braine-Clarke M16 QOGBR tba
1148170775Anne Straube W45 ODGBR tba
1168657441Nick Gracie M50 BOKGBR tba
1258660365Jan Travnicek M45 TVOCGBR tba
1268657400Charles Daniel M65 BOKGBR tba
1348069675Mark Saunders M60 BOKGBR tba
1408038707Reuben Lawson M16 NGOCCYM tba (h)
1428670602Vanessa Lawson W50 NGOCGBR tba (h)
147891606Richard Cronin M21 NGOCCYM tba
1488668921Richard Mawer M50 BAOCGBR tba
1538401461Peter Ward M50 NGOCGBR tba
1588680940James Clemence M60 SWOCCYM tba
1738100555Roger Thetford M60 TVOCGBR tba
178973042Tim Britton M40 BOKGBR tba
1828643417David Dunn M40 POTOCGBR tba
1908643382Thomas Cochrane M35 NGOCGBR tba
202750018Neil Albert M50 NGOCFRA tba
208235544Nick Nourse M60 NWOGBR tba
2098400808Harrison McCartney M21 JOKGBR tba
210HireTom Baker M35 NGOCGBR tba
2328221169Chris McCartney M50 ODENG tba

Blue (56)
3HireJoe Shipcott M21 NWOENG tba
112049784Duncan Innes M60 SWOCGBR tba
12342253Christine Farr W45 SWOCGBR tba
221407878Eddie Whittle M50 BKOGBR tba
231405879Toni Whittle W50 BKOGBR tba
268140962Carolyn Dent W60 BOKGBR tba
328223211Chris Atkins M40 BOKGBR tba
338101255Philip Eeles M65 SOCENG tba
358180459Alan Pucill M60 NGOCGBR tba (h)
398150655Alison Simmons W65 BOKGBR tba
408081051John Simmons M70 BOKGBR tba
418491270Paul Bryce M50 NGOCGBR tba
46990409Sebastian Mitchell M18 HOCGBR tba
478011366Kerstin Mitchell W55 HOCGBR tba
488260106Arthur Mitchell M16 HOCGBR tba
498518869Andy Creber M60 NGOCGBR tba
508060257Peter Foster M65 BOKENG tba
5837528Steve Williams M65 NGOCGBR tba (h)
64230357Jackie Hallett W65 BOKENG tba
681217702Andy Stott M60 NGOCENG tba
691422458Kevin Brooker M50 NGOCGBR tba (h)
718661145Mikhail Gryaznevich M65 TVOCENG tba
768413745Tom Mills M75 NGOCGBR tba (h)
77261876Richard Davies M60 HOCGBR tba
78333762Peter Langmaid M50 HOCGBR tba
808271254Richard Gardner M65 ODGBR tba
84411047Bethan Irwin W40 SBOCGBR tba
888145412Paul Lane M65 BAOCGBR tba
998145408Brian Hughes M75 HOCCYM tba
1038050222Alan Phillips M60 BKOGBR tba
1138632182Richard Pay M55 WREENG tba
119220527Ro Cole W60 NGOCENG tba (h)
1277654654Alan Honey M60 BOKGBR tba
1308151255Nick Dennis M60 BOKGBR tba
1318061001Rachel Dennis W55 BOKGBR tba
1328040657Adrian Pickles M65 WREGBR tba
1392058329Matthew Lawson M50 NGOCGBR tba (h)
1518628705Adam Baker-Hale M45 RAFOENG tba
1528280154Paul Basher M65 HOCGBR tba
1558230880Rebecca Ward W20 NGOCGBR tba
1568655902Jessica Ward W16 NGOCGBR tba
1578639642Carol Iddles W65 BOKENG tba
159221494Steve Chiverton M70 HOCGBR tba
1648138385Cat Edwardes W50 DEVONGBR tba
1688490904Rob Taylor M50 NGOCGBR tba
1698490707Rose Taylor W16 NGOCGBR tba
1728154473Richard Rossington M60 BOKENG tba
198TF HireAndy Wareing M40 BOKGBR tba
2058333623Barry Houghton M75 HOCENG tba
2118640485Joe Parkinson M60 NGOCGBR tba
224HireAlec Linton M45 NGOCGBR tba
225780015Keith Agmen M35 BOKGBR tba
2268021078Scott Johnson M40 NGOCGBR tba
2297800505Byron Crook M50 NGOCGBR tba
234438205Elisabeth Cameron W45 NGOCENG tba
2378531380John Cameron M45 NGOCENG tba

Green (71)
1347564Richard Broad M75 INDGBR tba
8400986Nick Taylor M70 HOCGBR tba
13339761Hannah Bradley W45 NGOCGBR tba (h)
152049893Rob Davis M50 BOKENG tba
16HireBen Davis M21 INDENG tba
219921698Joanne Leigh W55 HOCGBR tba
258233221Marie-Anne Fischer W60 TVOCGBR tba
292064223Michael Wilkinson M65 HOCGBR tba
31410907Philip Bostock M60 NGOCGBR tba
348180453Chris Johnson M65 BOKENG tba
388641854Peter Ribbans M65 SWOCGBR tba
42HireJoseph Bryce M18 NGOCGBR tba
518250957Jo Foster W65 BOKENG tba
538110269Sharon Finch W50 ODGBR tba
568270816Laura Evans W35 KERNOGBR tba
612800209Peter Colbert M70 SWOCCYM tba
668120411Bruce Bryant M65 ODGBR tba
678120412Liz Phillips W55 ODGBR tba
70416820Paul Watterson M70 HOCGBR tba
75347599Kim Liggett W60 NGOCENG tba
828363931Caroline Potter W60 BOKGBR tba
838181962David Potter M60 BOKGBR tba
858091006Robin Irwin M14 SBOCGBR tba
878180192Debbie Manning W21 SWOCGBR tba
89408434Julian Bass M55 HOCGBR tba
938657440David Palmer M75 BOKGBR tba
972120529Claire Horsfall W40 NGOCGBR tba
981221047Pat MacLeod M75 NGOCGBR tba (h)
100414306Laurence Gossage M70 BOKGBR tba
1021783408Christopher Moon M70 BOKGBR tba
1058150151Alison Smith W55 TVOCGBR tba
1078442140Si Read M55 NGOCGBR tba (h)
1082142087Tom Agombar M45 NGOCGBR tba
120443894Alan Starling M65 NGOCGBR tba
1212136458Ellen Starling W60 NGOCGBR tba
1228040774Nick Ashby M45 SWOCGBR tba
124401244Tony Cockbain M65 NGOCGBR tba
128347596John Fallows M60 NGOCGBR tba
135TF HireJames Askew M60 TVOCGBR tba
137203350John Pearson M70 HOCGBR tba
138626162Alison Wilkinson W21 INDGBR tba
1418037174Seth Lawson M14 NGOCCYM tba (h)
14339952Philip Fawkner-Corbett M70 BOKGBR tba
145HireIan Barrett M45 BOKGBR tba
146261207Alan Richards M75 NGOCGBR tba
1498328268Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG tba
1508328138Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG tba
1548220870Michelle Ward W50 NGOCGBR tba
1608657451John Orton M65 NWOGBR tba
1628082607David May M75 SLOWCYM tba
1668112505Thomas Kennedy M18 NGOCGBR tba
1708490803Judith Taylor W55 NGOCGBR tba
174HireKevin Beale M60 NWOENG tba
1777207668Laura Britton W40 BOKGBR tba
1808657541Tom Birthwright M40 NGOCGBR tba
1812049891Yvonne Green W35 TVOCGBR tba
183410806Neil Fraser M60 NWOGBR tba
1878242318Carol Sands W70 BOKGBR tba
1898632901Gwen Tanner W60 BOKGBR tba
1918070550John Mills M70 SWOCCYM tba
199TF HireMegan Wareing W14 BOKGBR tba
201400823Geoff Trewin M70 HOCGBR tba
2061008520Mike Farrington M65 HOCENG tba
2158300788James Thomas M21 HOCGBR tba
2168491071Craig Smith M55 BOKENG tba
2218191055Mike Capper M65 WAOCENG tba
2231047047Ian Prowse M70 NGOCGBR tba (h)
227TF HireMatilda Knox Cartwright W16 BOKGBR tba
2307011117Jack Hobby M21 NGOCGBR tba
2398468648Anders Johansson M45 NGOCGBR tba
241HireTom Johansson M14 NGOCGBR tba

Short Green (42)
2HireAlan Stringer M55 NGOCENG tba
48413729Rhiannon Fadeyibi W60 NGOCGBR tba (h)
78261942Frank Ince M80 SWOCGBR tba
17342273Joan Hambleton W80 SARUMENG tba
18202221Peter Hambleton M75 SARUMCYM tba
19HireChris Hutchings M40 INDGBR tba
28442941Julia Wilkinson W60 HOCGBR tba
43HireAnna Bryce W16 NGOCGBR tba
44444878Sarah Bryce W50 NGOCGBR tba
451967155Martin Mitchell M55 HOCGBR tba
598196260Colette Du Toit W60 NGOCCYM tba
62222321Susan Colbert W75 SWOCCYM tba
72TF HireGareth Beynon M50 BOKGBR tba
74HireMatthew Fautley M55 NGOCGBR tba
918657508Marie Roberts W60 MDOCENG tba
928680923Trevor Roberts M75 MDOCCYM tba
948210644Graham Tough M75 SWOCGBR tba
1018413723Diana Nicoll W60 BOKGBR tba
1041262197Hilary Nicholls W55 NGOCGBR tba
109411846James Agombar M14 NGOCGBR tba
1158090702Max Straube-Roth M14 ODGBR tba
1238641857Sheila Miklausic W70 NGOCGBR tba
12940227Robert Teed M80 NGOCCYM tba (h)
133333770Jacqueline Stevens W65 WREENG tba
14439917Danielle Fawkner-Corbett W70 BOKGBR tba
1618026749Anne May W70 SWOCCYM tba
163HirePaul Butler M55 INDGBR tba
1658654205Katy Dyer W70 BOKGBR tba
171401489Roger Craddock M80 QOGBR tba
179HireJasmine Pilbeam W21 SWOCGBR tba
184400993Alan Brown M70 NGOCENG tba
185339762Ann Brown W65 NGOCENG tba
1888630907Peter Wilson M60 NGOCGBR tba
200TF HireDaniel Wareing M12 BOKGBR tba
2078333339Carol Farrington W65 HOCENG tba
2128233218John Thompson M85 TVOCENG tba
213HireAlex Shaw M35 INDGBR tba
2178103236Polly Atherton W50 BOKGBR tba
2228047047Suzanne Harding W55 NGOCGBR tba (h)
2317710617Paul Hobby M50 NGOCGBR tba
233424346Charlotte Moore W35 HOCGBR tba
238221218Rodney Archard M75 NGOCGBR tba

Orange (20)
9HireTristan Diett M35 INDENG tba
60TF HireAlan Foster M65 INDGBR tba
73TF HireFreya Beynon W14 BOKGBR tba
90442428John Bass M12 HOCGBR tba
1102127437Katie Agombar W14 NGOCGBR tba
117HireGeorge Gracie M16 BOKGBR tba
136202145Lily Callard W10 INDGBR tba
167HireJonathan Kennedy M50 INDGBR tba
1868670621Tim Sands M70 BOKGBR tba
192HireJoy Rowell W65 INDGBR tba
193HireRoger Parnell M70 INDGBR tba
194HireNeal Barber M45 INDGBR tba
195HireHannah Barber W40 INDGBR tba
196HireOskar Barber M14 INDGBR tba
197HireKaspar Barber M12 INDGBR tba
203HireBarthelemy Albert M12 INDFRA tba
214HireHazel Shaw W35 INDGBR tba
228HireSusanna Cary W45 INDGBR tba
2401180373Max Johansson M16 NGOCGBR tba
242HireSimon Barker M65 INDGBR tba

Yellow (15)
5HireZebedee Harlock-Askew M10 TVOCGBR tba
6HireAlexander Harlock-Askew M10 TVOCGBR tba
20HireHolly Hutchings W10 INDGBR tba
578515035Alan Kempton M70 BOKGBR tba
95HireEmily Horsfall W10 NGOCGBR tba
96HireSamuel Horsfall M10 NGOCGBR tba
118HireOlivia Gracie W12 BOKGBR tba
1752133821Maya Britton W12 BOKGBR tba
176434496Rafferty Britton M10 BOKGBR tba
204HireJohannes Albert M10 INDFRA tba
218HireJo Davies W50 IndGBR tba
219HireDerek Vincent M55 IndGBR tba
220TF HireAlexander Davies M10 IndGBR tba
235HireRose Cameron W12 NGOCENG tba
236HireFrancis Cameron M10 INDENG tba

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