CCB 2041 Mountain Challenge Start List

Saturday 07 May 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=107, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Registration times:
0730-0800 for 23 mile route (last start 0830)
0800-0830 for 13 mile route (last start 0900)
0830-0930 for 10 mile route (last start 1000)

Families on different routes may register at the earliest check in time applicable to their group.
See the Event Website for ā€ˇfurther details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
23 mile (31)
301Ashton Barrell MU17 GBR
302Alfred Bateman Lloyd MU16 GBR
315Sheryl Cleaton W50 GBR
316Martyn Clouter MSEN GBR
327Richard Feasey M55 GBR
328Tomos Feasey MU17 GBR
330David Francis M65 GBR
331Izzie Francis WSEN GBR
332Robin Francis MSEN Christ College StaffGBR
334Steven Freeman M55 GBR
337Sam Hawking M45 GBR
346Ian Jenkins M60 GBR
347Angharad Jones WSEN GBR
348Bethan Jones WSEN GBR
355John Mallett M50 GBR
356Dante Mantella M45 GBR
357Ed Maughan MSEN GBR
358Nicola Maughan W55 GBR
359Alex Mccusker MSEN GBR
360Will McLean M45 GBR
361Andrew Meredith MSEN GBR
370Gareth Pearson M45 GBR
372William Penkman M45 GBR
378Ollie Rose MU16 GBR
379Suzanne Rose W45 GBR
380Nikki Scarr W65 GBR
381Cliff Searle MSEN GBR
393Joanna Walton W50 GBR
394James West MSEN GBR
396Sian Williams W60 Brecon ACGBR
397Nick Young MSEN GBR

13 mile (32)
308Jaci Bowler W60 GBR
313Jude Chambers M40 GBR
314Seb Chambers M40 GBR
322Gabriel Crompton MU15 GBR
323Rudyard Crompton MU13 GBR
321Stephen Crompton M50 GBR
794Alexander Doig MU12 GBR
326Gavin Doig M50 GBR
336Efanna Hawking WU17 GBR
340Simone Hodges W40 GBR
341Jayne Howell W45 GBR
342Louis Howell MU13 GBR
343Oliver Howell MU15 GBR
344Izzy Hurn WSEN GBR
349Hywel Jones M60 GBR
350Nicola Kelly W50 CCBGBR
353Neil Lewis M60 GBR
362Ellis Morgan MU16 GBR
363Eurin Morgan MSEN GBR
364Huw Morgan M45 GBR
366Gareth Parry M45 GBR
374Angela Price W50 Hay HotfootersGBR
377Megan Reynolds WU17 GBR
382David Shepherd M55 GBR
384Margaret Stephens W55 GBR
386John Thompson M40 GBR
387Andrea Tinch W50 GBR
388David Tinch M50 GBR
389Emelia Tinch WU17 GBR
390Lynne Toogood W55 GBR
391Chris Wainwright M60 GBR
392Barry Wallace M45 GBR

10 mile (44)
303Helen Boley W45 GBR
304Niamh Boley WU14 GBR
203Phoebe Boley WU12 GBR
305Bea Bosanquet WU14 CCBGBR
306Clare Bosanquet W45 CCBGBR
299Johnny Bosanquet MU12 CCBGBR
307Sam Bosanquet M40 CCBGBR
2001Ben Brierley MU8 GBR
309Rachel Brierley W45 GBR
310Tom Brierley M45 GBR
311James Burnett M55 CCBGBR
312Sam Burnett MU13 CCBGBR
317Bronwen Collins WU23 GBR
318Neil Collins M60 GBR
319Rhian Collins W55 GBR
320Sarah Craig W50 GBR
324Clive Davies M55 GBR
325Hayley Davies W50 GBR
760Tobias Davies MU10 GBR
329Johanna Featherstone WSEN GBR
333Rachel Freeman W50 GBR
335Sioned Grinnell WSEN GBR
801Bronessa Hawking WU11 GBR
338Sonia Hawking W45 GBR
339Shelley Hill W40 GBR
804Henry Hussey MU10 GBR
345Kirsty Hussey WSEN GBR
351Joanne Kerr W50 GBR
352Nia Lewellin WU18 GBR
354Beth Llewellin WU23 GBR
824Indy Llewellin WU11 GBR
365Graham Munkley M70 GBR
849Martha Pearce WU11 GBR
367Michael Pearce M45 GBR
368Olivia Pearce WU18 GBR
369Samantha Pearce W40 GBR
371Rhian Pearson W45 GBR
373Jane Phillips W45 GBR
375Alison Rees W50 GBR
376Martha Rees W50 GBR
383Karim Stavron M50 GBR
385Kate Thomas W50 GBR
2002William Thomas MU8 GBR
395Susan Wildee W50 GBR

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