(B/B) SYO 50th Anniversary Double Weekend Start List

Saturday 26 February 2022 - Sunday 27 February 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=52, Online=92%, Event1=39, Event2=46) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 06 January 2022
Event 126/02/2022Big Moor National Event
Event 227/02/2022Wharncliffe National Event
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Times
Event 1Event 2
Black (4)
20438274Jon Moulding M40 INDGBR 10:45
328328978Joe Taunton M35 SYOENG 10:47
398657700Matt Crane M40 SYOENG 11:3011:34
448122315Matthew Pickering M21 SYOGBR 10:30 (h)10:30 (h)

Brown (2)
108071851Jordan Larne M35 DEEENG 11:00
51HireRosa Sampson Geroski W21 INDENG 10:3110:31

Short Brown (9)
28170668James Garnett M50 SYOGBR 10:4010:40
38170804William Garnett M18 SYOGBR 10:44
11*7041126Euan Tryner M18 SYOGBR 12:0212:03
14*8310374Peter Tryner M45 SYOGBR 12:0612:07
158262607David Howsam M40 SYOGBR 11:10
218668922Richard Rigby M55 CLOKGBR 11:0011:00
238186000Chris Robinson M40 SYOGBR 10:46
418419321Jolyon Medlock M45 WSXENG 10:5012:14
478170574Simon Hodgson M45 SYOGBR 10:36 (h)10:35 (h)

Blue (6)
61008512Adrian Moir M60 SWOCGBR 12:00
7HireBecky Ball W40 SYOGBR 10:45
168262607David Howsam M40 SYOGBR 12:30
298160259Rob Bailey M60 CLOKENG 10:4411:30
388445566Ray Collins M65 WCHENG 12:00
52505551Neil Harvatt M65 HALOGBR 10:56

Short Blue (9)
49101834Richard Wilson M65 AIRECYM 11:2011:20
13*8199072Pauline Tryner W50 SYOGBR 12:0312:03
198083019Vanessa Howsam W50 SYOGBR 12:3011:11
258091957Paul Bradbury M65 SYOGBR 11:30 (h)11:30 (h)
288201157Dave Brown M65 HALOGBR 10:45
348328138Paul Taunton M70 NGOCENG 11:1512:00
35436266Becky Bailey W21 CLOKENG 10:43
36526683Ricardo Fernandes M45 HALOGBR 10:49
458221203Rebecca Carman W20 SYOENG 11:0511:05

Green (12)
18280706Alexandra Garnett W16 SYOGBR 10:4010:40
88670619Clive Wilson M65 SYOGBR 12:00 (h)12:00 (h)
98299997Pauline Wilson W70 SYOGBR 11:56 (h)11:56 (h)
12*400155Freya Tryner W16 SYOGBR 12:0412:04
228668923Carolyn Rigby W55 CLOKGBR 11:0011:00
248433132Alice Rigby W21 CLOKGBR 10:5610:56
278105929Pam Brown W60 HALOGBR 10:45
30221408Isla Mathieson W55 CLOKGBR 10:4411:30
338328268Rosalind Taunton W70 NGOCENG 11:1510:47
428204796Lyra Medlock W16 WSXENG 10:5412:18
438178434Rebecca Medlock W45 WSXENG 10:5012:14
498240270Cinnamon Hodgson W50 SYOGBR 11:0410:35 (h)

Short Green (4)
58007643Anne Wilson W70 AIREENG 11:2011:20
267771957Marcia Bradbury W65 SYOGBR 11:30 (h)11:30 (h)
3132813Clare Taunton W40 SYOGBR 12:15
378101160Christine Collins W60 WCHENG 12:00

Very Short Green (1)
502120575Philip Thompson M85 EPOCGBR 11:00

Light Green (4)
178285828Abigail Howsam W14 SYOGBR 12:3011:10
408061109Eskarina Medlock W14 WSXENG 10:5012:13
468290408Margaux Hodgson W14 SYOGBR 10:35 (h)
488271009Lawrence Hodgson M14 SYOGBR 11:0210:45 (h)

Long Orange (0)

Orange (1)
188283118Sophie Howsam W12 SYOGBR 12:3011:11

Yellow (0)

White (0)

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