Pontyclun Santa Fun Run (Virtual) Start List

Wednesday 01 December 2021 - Friday 24 December 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=63, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
5K (virtual) (52)
37Dot Ashford W60 GBR
36Martin Ashford M60 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
62Seeley Brooking MU14 GBR
38Ceri Bush W40 GBR
24Nick Bush M40 Pontyclun ACGBR
2Judith Cutter W40 GBR
3Rebekah Daniel W45 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
1Mike Donnelly M50 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
33Emma Gilbert WSEN GBR
39Lisa Giles W40 GBR
44Elis Grfiiths MU8 GBR
45Christopher Griffiths MSEN GBR
25Terri Griffiths W40 GBR
47Ellie Hammacott WU23 GBR
22Rachel Hammacott W50 GBR
40Becky Heathcote W55 Rainbow RunnersGBR
5Caroline Hellard W40 Pontyclun road runnersGBR
31Andrea Hitchcock W55 GBR
32Martin Hitchcock M55 GBR
19Elizabeth Hughes WSEN Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
43Emily Hughes WSEN GBR
21Nazmul Islam M40 Tonysguboriau Runners AKA Runner beansGBR
14Madeline Jones WU13 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
23Samantha Jones W45 GBR
15Kay Lawless W60 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
35Stacey Lewis WSEN GBR
29Alana Lockett WU10 Pontyclun ACGBR
27Gary Lockett M45 GBR
26Nia Lockett W40 GBR
60Lily-May Luke WU11 GBR
59Tracy Luke W55 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
34Karl May MSEN GBR
57Dan McTaggart MSEN GBR
17Hayley Morgan W55 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
13Katie Mortimer-Jones W40 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
4Katherine Moss W45 GBR
51Tammy Murphy WSEN PontyclunGBR
6Ruth Northway W60 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
58Jac Powell MU23 GBR
30Daryl Quest MSEN Tonysguboriau RunnersGBR
16Gary Reed M65 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
41Amanda Saltmarsh W50 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
42Garry Saltmarsh MU23 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
11Ellen Shepheard W65 GBR
12Stephen Shepheard M65 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR
18Heather Thomas W40 Tonysguboriau RunnersGBR
46Nicola Trigg W50 GBR
10Kevin Tye M40 GBR
9Ruby Tye WU6 GBR
7Tanya Tye W40 GBR
8Tegan Tye WU11 GBR
61Hilary Wright W65 Pontyclun Road RunnersGBR

3K (virtual) (11)
52David Hitchcock MSEN GBR
53Sarah Hitchcock WSEN GBR
28Jac Lockett MU16 GBR
20Isobel MacIntyre WU14 Cardiff AACGBR
55Izzy McTaggart WU9 GBR
54Katy McTaggart WSEN GBR
56Rosie McTaggart WU6 GBR
63Vikki Murphy W50 Bramhall RunnersGBR
48Dylan Watson MU12 GBR
49Ryan Watson MU10 GBR
50Siân Watson WU8 GBR

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