Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk 2022 Start List

Saturday 25 June 2022 Competitor Statistics (Total=297, Online=100%) Note that this start list is sorted by Surname, and then Forename. Kit Declaration Form - All entrants must bring a signed Kit Declaration Form (opens new window) and the following kit:

Map* - 1:25,000 or 1:50,000, Compass*, Torch, Whistle, Emergency Rations, simple First Aid Kit - including plasters and a blister kit, Waterproofs - including overtrousers, Sensible footwear - boots with ankle support and good tread; experienced runners should have appropriate footwear.

For contact in an emergency it would also be useful if walkers carried a mobile phone.

* For entrants walking as groups for the entire route, one map and compass for each three entrants is acceptable.
See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co.
Platinum (64)
233Mandy Aston GBR
232Mark Aston GBR
58Joe Bailey GBR
225Peter Barber GBR
3Kevin Barker GBR
279Lawrence Benìjamin Ramblers AssociationGBR
55Jayson Brown GBR
181Karen Bryant GBR
90Ailsa Burridge Lliswerry RunnersGBR
167Richard Cartledge GBR
69Emma Clewarth GBR
20Grant Criddle GBR
172David Cunningham GBR
89Alan Fishwick Lliswerry RunnersGBR
208Steven Folkes GBR
133Dragan Gecan Tiger Bay RamblersGBR
219Alexis Girardet GBR
293Hallam Girardet GBR
220Jo Girardet GBR
292Emma Goode GBR
95Oliver Hancock GBR
132Dave Hodson GBR
59Hannah Hunt GBR
87Robert Hunt GBR
204Paul Jackman Tiger Bay RamblersGBR
36Clare Johnson GBR
166Chris Jones GBR
205Andrew Jones-Angove Tiger Bay RamblersGBR
92Carol Ann Lancaster GBR
91Craig Barrie Lancaster GBR
249Mike Leeson GBR
210Alexander Leflaive-Manley GBR
272Edryd Lewis GBR
230Lynda Lucas GBR
209Emily Marr GBR
275Pascal Martinez Perez GBR
274Pedro Juan Martinez Perez GBR
56Jonathan Morris GBR
60Kevin Neil GBR
278Natthawat Pisuttipot GBR
288Emma Plumley Tiger Bay RamblersGBR
184Rhiannon Price Tiger Bay RamblersGBR
12Dai Prosser GBR
207Marta Radwan GBR
250Jon Reynolds GBR
180Dallyn Shaw GBR
290Gareth Steggles GBR
291William Steggles GBR
63Caroline Thomas GBR
70Dean Thomas GBR
62Huw Thomas GBR
277Lawrence Tulip GBR
74Jane Turner GBR
241Sara Wakefield Griffithstown HarriersGBR
35Becky Ward GBR
150Rory Waring GBR
57Gareth Webb GBR
73Elizabeth Wilkinson GBR
93Gill Wilkinson Hill GBR
211Gail Williams RamblersGBR
65Huw Williams GBR
64Kate Williams GBR
287Natalie Williams GBR
85Richard Williamson GBR

Gold (221)
116Kevin A'Hearne Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
141Davies Anna GBR
135Ruth Archer-White GBR
224Matthew Arnold GBR
283Andrew Ashton GBR
176Annabel Atkins GBR
110Brenda Avery Chepstow HarriersGBR
48Julian Bashir GBR
161Phil Bevan GBR
162Tom Bevan GBR
281Adam Blunt GBR
164Christy Bolderson GBR
25Odette Borsten GBR
289Nick Boswell GBR
143Helen Brown GBR
100Delyth Brushett Brecon Triathlon ClubGBR
7Helen Byrne GBR
8Mike Byrne GBR
159James Caplin GBR
104Sharon Carter GBR
29Toni Cole GBR
23Collin Coleman GBR
22Heidi Coleman GBR
174Mark Conway GBR
199Jon Cox GBR
223Matthew Cox GBR
217Alistair Curran GBR
47Catrin Davies GBR
117Chris Davies Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
99David Davies GBR
139Emily Davies GBR
280Gareth Davies GBR
24Gillian Davies GBR
269Matthew Davies Trek Yourself WellGBR
298Chris Davis GBR
171Peter Day GBR
113Phil Dennis Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
260Malcolm Devenport GBR
258Peter Devenport GBR
261Scott Devenport GBR
111Roger Devereux FACoffGBR
271Hannah Dolman GBR
270Mark Dolman GBR
246Gavin Donaldson GBR
206Ian Donaldson GBR
245Karla Donaldson GBR
72Anne-Marie Doran GBR
77Clare Doran GBR
71Declan Doran GBR
263Nicola Doughty Trek Yourself WellGBR
51Lucie Doyle GBR
285Chris Dunscombe GBR
235Thomas Dyer GBR
52Katie Edmunds GBR
227Rob Eggleshaw GBR
33Joshua Evans GBR
61Malou Evans GBR
144Sara Evans GBR
243Philippa Fido GBR
5Amand Field GBR
94Sarah Field GBR
19Alastair Flew GBR
234Rhiannon Fowler GBR
103Amelia Francis GBR
80Sarah Francis GBR
160Alex Gallop GBR
267Liz Ganderton Trek Yourself WellGBR
299Viv Gelder GBR
49Rebecca Gilchrist GBR
189Ryan Goddard GBR
125Craig Goodridge Feng Yang SauGBR
158Benjamin Griffiths GBR
138Hannah Griffiths GBR
121John Grisely Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
75Ian Habisrittinger GBR
53Jonathan Hall N/AGBR
136Dave Harris GBR
42Ella Harrison-Hansley GBR
21Paul Hems GBR
163Rebekah Hepburn GBR
248Darren Hickey GBR
247Lee Hickey GBR
264Niall Hickey GBR
231Louise Hickmott GBR
107Jon Hinder GBR
17David Hobbs Griffithstown HarriersGBR
156Amy Hodgson GBR
262Denise Horton Trek Yourself WellGBR
145Miriam Horton GBR
175Janet Hoskin GBR
134Samuel Howells GBR
54Jonathan Hurford GBR
16Leighton James Jessie’s GiantsGBR
216Gareth Jones GBR
255Gareth Jones Mynyddwyr De Cymru (MDC)GBR
122John Jones Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
137Kirsteen Jones GBR
102Lee Jones GBR
146Mari Jones GBR
43Ruth Jones GBR
68Joanna Keen GBR
226Philip Kindred GBR
179Andrew Knight GBR
46Mark Langley GBR
268Sian Laycock Trek Yourself WellGBR
11Claudia Lenza GBR
273Kyle Long Trek yourself wellGBR
257Kelly MacDonald GBR
86Richard Marchant GBR
194Sean Martin GBR
301Christopher Mason GBR
27Julie Mathias Mynydd DuGBR
265Anthony Mitchell Long Distance Walkers AssociationGBR
37Joanne Moore GBR
300Hannah Morgan Trek Yourself WellGBR
115Tony Morgan Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
188Rebecca Moyle GBR
259Balazs Musitz GBR
50Hannah Neil GBR
148Laura Nicholson GBR
149Sophie Nicholson GBR
147William Nicholson GBR
221Channing Nuss GBR
151Harrison Nutt GBR
140Jake Nuttall GBR
105Ria O'Reilly GBR
128David Paine Feng Yang SauGBR
191David Palmer GBR
76Lucie Parkin GBR
118Andy Parry Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
112Kevin Parry Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
222Rhys Parry GBR
229Chapman Paul GBR
106Naomi Pearson GBR
187Lisa Penfold GBR
244Jo Perfect GBR
9Paul Perkin GBR
97Ruth Phillips GBR
228Julian Pointon-Bell GBR
98Jason Popham GBR
81Fiona Powell GBR
238Adrian Price GBR
101Alyson Price GBR
39Angela Price GBR
40Jeff Price GBR
41Katie Price GBR
239Phillip Price GBR
237Yve Price GBR
120Mark Proud Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
173Martin Pugh GBR
127Mark Pugsley Feng Yang SauGBR
190Laura Pursey GBR
286Paul Radcliffe Trek Yourself WellGBR
38Rebecca Randall GBR
193Gareth Rees GBR
114Brett Regulski Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
212Pat Richardson GBR
213Sian Richardson GBR
109Jack Robins GBR
214Joshua Roevarran GBR
215Joy Roevarran GBR
297Amy Rogers GBR
196Lisa Roughley GBR
284James Rudall GBR
4Sarah Russell GBR
256Harvey Sandhu GBR
218Ciara Scullion GBR
254Nick Semmens GBR
10Rhiannon Sevenoaks GBR
79Clodagh Shackleton GBR
129Holly Shannon GBR
130Jason Shannon GBR
252Helen Shaw GBR
251Luke Shaw GBR
32Justin Siglow GBR
31Rachel Siglow GBR
88Helen Skelton GBR
84David Slater GBR
82Katy Smith GBR
108Libby Smith GBR
83Meg Smith GBR
240Tim Spearing NoneGBR
96Sarah-Louise Spinks GBR
6Owyn Stephens GBR
154Rachel Sweetman GBR
18Howard Tann GBR
282James Taylor GBR
155Kathryn Taylor GBR
168Rachel Taylor GBR
195Carl Thomas GBR
177Caroline Thomas GBR
153Efa-Mair Thomas GBR
152Nia Thomas GBR
126Dan Thompson Feng Yang SauGBR
198Steve Tilling GBR
26Justine Timms GBR
253Maria Tortoriello GBR
192Matthew Tucker GBR
45Emma Tuckfield GBR
28Ceris Van de Vyver GBR
15Nerys Vizard GBR
201David Wade GBR
44Emma Wallace-Carlsen GBR
34Jessica Ward GBR
294Elizabeth Watkins GBR
295Jonathan Watkins GBR
119Lorna Watkins Royal Regt. of Wales Walkers.GBR
30Ritchie Wells GBR
203Gavin White GBR
242Ceri Williams Griffithstown HarriersGBR
78Nicky Williams GBR
131Ross Williams GBR
276Sorrell Williams Trek Yourself WellGBR
142Stephen Williams GBR
169Geraint Wilson GBR
170Morgan Wilson GBR
197Sara Winney GBR
296Angus Wood GBR
202Simon Woolf GBR
124Rich Yendle Feng Yang SauGBR
178Florence Zoe GBR

Silver (11)
183Leigh Baker GBR
182Suzanne Baker GBR
200Ian Harris GBR
186Nick Holmes GBR
185Nicki Holmes GBR
13Mark Ketteringham GBR
14Stephen Ketteringham GBR
157Gareth Thomas GBR
165Huw Thomas GBR
2Malcolm Wallace GBR
1Tamsin Wallace GBR

Bronze (1)
236Monica Portway GBR

3PT Great Challenge only (0)

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