Newborough 5K 2021 Start List

Sunday 28 November 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=80, Online=99%) Postal entries (nnn*) were last uploaded on 27 October 2021 See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
5K Female 15-39 (16)
1Ashleigh Bailey GBR tba
5Louise Mitchell GBR tba
6Jay Wymer Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
12Kate Nicholas GBR tba
14Lynsey Coan GBR tba
24Johanna Gasson Canicross ClwydGBR tba
41Rowenna Darlington Canicross clwydGBR tba
43Sophie Lucas Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
52Laura Sutton Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
59Rachel Williams Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
62Sabina Dunkling Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
66Kate Murphy GBR tba
67Milly Flanagan GBR tba
70Jennifer Williamson Canicross Ynys MonGBR tba
71Louise Owen Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
73Naomi Wright GBR tba

5K Female 40-49 (9)
18Kirstie Fraser Canicross ClwydGBR tba
25Ceri Stewart Canicross angleseyGBR tba
49Hilary Ford Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
53Rebecca Rebecca Anglesey CanicrossGBR tba
54Adele Adele Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
56Angharad Rhisiart Canicross Ynys MônGBR tba
60Suzy Harrison Canicross ClwydGBR tba
68Cara Blockley GBR tba
78Jocelyn Williams GBR tba

5K Female 50+ (11)
8Elaine Sherwin GBR tba
13Tina Nicholas GBR tba
15Dawn Crook-Richards CaniXGBR tba
21Hilary Robinson Canisports FifeGBR tba
29Judi Jennings Cheshire Canicross TrailrunnersGBR tba
33Tina Usherwood Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
36Helen Dempsey Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
40Sharon Edwards GBR tba
45Andrea Reynolds GBR tba
46Andrea Corbet Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
72Tracey Limbrick Canicross MidlandsGBR tba

5K Female 2 Dog (16)
3Vicki Blackshaw Peterborough PawsGBR tba
7Melanie Wymer Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
11Jasmine Sharp Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
27Melissa Trimble GBR tba
32Angela Jones Canicross ClwydGBR tba
39Shell Rigby Canicross angleseyGBR tba
44Emily Hampton Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
50Kate Jones GBR tba
51Abbi Storer GBR tba
55Llinos Davies West Glamorgan Canicross Gorllewin MorgannwgGBR tba
57Jacky Roberts Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
64Rebecca Massey GBR tba
74Emma Woodward Canicross ClwydGBR tba
75Lucy Brook Let Me Jog Your DogGBR tba
76Amy Whiteside Let Me Jog Your DogGBR tba
80Daisy Devereau Canicross MidlandsGBR tba

5K Male 15-39 (4)
10Douglas McKinnon Cani-Sports EdinburghGBR tba
17Lukas Pilgrim Canicross ClwydGBR tba
26Rob Eadon Canicross angleseyGBR tba
77Michael Barker Canicross Ynys MonGBR tba

5K Male 40-49 (4)
34Ben Marston Staffordshire CanicrossGBR tba
47Ross Hemmings GBR tba
48John Kennedy Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
63Chris Antcliff Pennine canicrossGBR tba

5K Male 50+ (9)
9Alan Sherwin GBR tba
19Michael Ellis GBR tba
20Ian Snailham Canicross AngleseyGBR tba
22Steve Robinson Canisports FifeGBR tba
37Neal Dempsey Canicross MidlandsGBR tba
38Paul Kalinauckas Shropshire CanicrossGBR tba
61*Mike Jennings GBR tba
69Edwards Vincent GBR tba
79Mike Rust GBR tba

5K Male 2 Dog (3)
16David Crook CaniXGBR tba
58Gareth Evans Club BiscuitGBR tba
65Maurice Reid Newport and District RCGBR tba

2K Junior 11-13 (2)
23Archie Robinson Canisports FifeGBR tba
42Eva Darlington Canicross clwydGBR tba

2K Cubs 6 - 10 yrs (6)
2Daisy O'Donnell GBR tba
4Will Warwick Peterborough PawsGBR tba
28Rigas Lamb GBR tba
30Ollie Warland Canicross Ynys MônGBR tba
31Will Warland Canicross Ynys MônGBR tba
35Joshua Marston Staffordshire CanicrossGBR tba

2K Mini Cubs under 6 yrs (0)

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