Connacht Region Orienteering Championships 2021 Start List

Sunday 24 October 2021 Competitor Statistics (Total=64, Online=100%) See the Event Website for ‎further details. Use the competitor Amend Entry function to view and/or amend your details.
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SI Card  
Name Age
Club Co. Start Time
M10 (1)
511021255Samuel de Lacy M12 AJAXIRL tba(l)

M12 (1)
53HireAlexander Escobar M12 FingalIRL tba(m)

M14 (0)

M16A (1)
128217678Oscar Rowe M16 GENIRL tba(m)

M18A (2)
338667762Joshua Hoare M16 BOCIRL tba(m)
488217772Paul Butterfield M18 GENIRL tba(m)

M20A (0)

M21L (0)

M21S (7)
26HireAonraoi Mullen M20 WEGOIRL tba
41HireAidan Foley M40 SligoIRL tba(e)
5550877Donal Kearns M21 FingalIRL tba(l)
561395948Sean Kearns M21 FingalIRL tba(l)
571395947Ciaran Kearns M21 FingalIRL tba(l)
611601977Oisin Wickham M20 AJAXIRL tba(m)
622000124Brian Furey M40 INDIRL tba(l)

M21N (2)
29HireJonathan Mullen Pesaitis M21 WEGOIRL tba
39HirePaul Houlihan M65 WEGOIRL tba

M35L (1)
2HireOisin Doyle M21 Craughwell AthleticIRL tba

M40L (2)
6HireOwen Boyhan M45 WEGOIRL tba
501555510Alan de Lacy M40 AJAXIRL tba(l)

M45L (0)

M45S (0)

M50L (4)
92107671Brian Rowe M50 GENIRL tba(m)
329119119Terence Hoare M50 BOCIRL tba(m)
348343536Christopher Murray M55 CNOCIRL tba(m)
631399030Paul Mahon M50 SetantaIRL tba(m)

M55L (4)
51399420Paul Smyth M55 AjaxIRL tba(e)
218451795Brendan Delaney M55 DFOIRL tba(m)
371006610Dave Weston M55 SetantaIRL tba
45HirePatrick Tobin M55 Western EaglesIRL tba

M60L (4)
451073James Mulrooney M60 SETANTAIRL tba
438670605Per-Olov Elovsson M60 FINIRL tba
478217707Andrew Butterfield M60 GENIRL tba(e)
608217786Donal Wickham M60 AJAXIRL tba(m)

M65L (4)
158140756Senan O' Boyle M65 CNOCIRL tba(m)
221008514John McCullough M65 3ROCIRL tba(m)
588217969Val Jones M65 FingalIRL tba(l)
598651201Pat Healy M65 CNOCIRL tba

M70 (3)
1851001Donal Burke M75 CorkOIRL tba(m)
368011551Raymond Finlay M70 FERMONI tba(l)
492224208John de Lacy M70 AJAXIRL tba(l)

M75 (1)
7426460Enda Hume M75 FermoIRL tba

M80 (0)

M85 (0)

W10 (0)

W12 (0)

W14 (1)
132107675Fionnuala Rowe W12 GENIRL tba(m)

W16A (0)

W18A (2)
207065711Maya Buckley W18 BOCIRL tba(e)
27HireBlaithin Mullen W18 WEGOIRL tba

W20A (0)

W21L (2)
118217661Emily Rowe W16 GENIRL tba(m)
42870870Ciara Largey W21 FERMOIRL tba

W21S (1)
40HireAudrey Elliott W40 SligoIRL tba(e)

W21N (1)
28HireSaoirse Mullen M21 WEGOIRL tba

W35L (0)

W40L (5)
1HireMaja Drapiewska W40 WEGOIRL tba(m)
3HireClara Llorente W35 Craughwell AthleticIRL tba
102107672Martina Rowe W45 GENIRL tba(m)
191399675Sarah Ní Ruairc W40 FINIRL tba
311971791Caroline Murray W50 BOCIRL tba(m)

W45L (0)

W45S (2)
25HireEmer Durkan W50 WEGOIRL tba
44HireHanna Himanen W45 NAIRL tba(m)

W50L (2)
148217768Bernie O' Boyle W60 CNOCIRL tba(m)
641399020Jenkinson Hilary W50 SetantaIRL tba(m)

W55L (2)
248217775Roxanne White W55 DUOIRL tba(l)
468217821Aine Joyce W55 GENIRL tba(l)

W60L (2)
2311811Nora Lee W60 3ROCIRL tba(m)
542012581Kathryn Walley W60 FingalIRL tba(l)

W65L (2)
168629122Mary Healy W65 GENIRL tba(e)
38HireRos Houlihan W65 WEGOIRL tba

W70 (5)
8510873Ger Power W70 IndIRL tba(l)
17400065Maura Higgins W80 SETIRL tba(m)
30445456Ann Suilleabhain W70 3RocIRL tba(m)
358230650Teresa Finlay W70 FERMONI tba(l)
521931341Jean O'Neill W75 FingalIRL tba(m)

W75 (0)

W80 (0)

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